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Were one hundred and eighty nine regular season games left. Nobody expects them to play all of those. But we're trying to figure out exactly how to do this. This scenario would have twelve teams from each conference. The League is reportedly aiming for a late June early July launch. If everything goes the way twenty four teams which means the Wildwood I? It's interesting because they get Minneapolis. Saint Paul still being discussed as one of the hub cities for it so hopefully if everything does go through. I mean they ex- could be a host for this and there could be hockey. I think in the state of hockey so I hope it goes through there still a lot. I think there's a conference call will find out maybe more on this afternoon and Just get closer and closer to things that getting back to normal. That's hockey a thanks. Nice yes Kevin. Harvick won his fiftieth career. Raise you want at Darlington. Empty stands of course a bunch of masks and so on and so forth but he did lead one hundred and fifty nine of the two hundred and ninety three laps. He's now tied. For Twelfth. On NASCAR's all time wins list with something called Junior Johnson. And something called Ned Jarrett. Yeah Man. Yeah Ned and junior to the greats of all time needle nose net net the head. Come on Buddy Kevin Harvick San what I what. Career for the young man had a great race yesterday. Very fast car took over for the late great and has had a hell of a career zone. Yeah no grace good. It's just really weird though because like the Bra. The way they did the broadcast was like the only people who are there like from Fox where the camera people then like two people in the truck the rest all the graphics the replay. Everything else is being done in. La and then. They had the announcer Mike Joy and and Jeff Gordon Layer Mac over in Charlotte and it was. It was a well put together broadcast considering the circumstances. I was surprised. They didn't let the announcers at the racetrack because they don't want them to travel. Because otherwise if you got people if you guys well at the track why couldn't you put in? You could drive share on drive from Charlotte. The whole the whole point is a day trip. I have no idea who that is. But that's the thing I don't get I don't get that kind of stuff. You could literally talking about here with the amount of boxes at the race. Track you by yourself. You could put a guy and each turn. Well Dave Dave like radio the earnhardt towers which is what the media compound out of Darlington. And there's two of them and you can put them in one in each tower water. Yeah gigantic place. I think I mean my joy that the play by play guy talked about how they want to be out there as soon as it is safe enough for them to be there right So I don't know somebody. And the he actually mentioned remember he mentioned Fox corporate in that So I would imagine it's probably somebody higher high up but at Fox that's preventing this when we get to football season or if the NHL NBA in baseball comeback and the stands are empty right if you are any of those leagues. Wouldn't you just gigantically load up on media. Just say if you have a twitter account that you at least talk about sports come on in because it looks like they do that already boy but you know what I'm saying I hear you. Yeah Rhyme Media. When you have your you could have sections of the stands where no one is near anyone else but you're still covering the event and is accurate. Have time by the way and this comes in real nice for us if there are no fans in the stands radio and TV numbers are going to be through the roof. No doubt through the roof. No doubt have you heard by the way? I can't believe I didn't ask you about this because I think it happened last week that it came out but Joe. Buck mentioned that they're going to pipe in crowd noise. Yeah pretend I think that's a great idea. I think that's almost necessity. I hate it but Well I think it will be too weird. Yeah but that's all I said is I just want the experiment? I right okay. All of US ASSUME IT WOULD BE AWKWARD. And it would suck. But how do we know until we tried if one or two games in? It's like this is just weird. It feels weird. They dancing nothing. But virtual fans in the stands and actual crowd noise just feels to laugh. Track ish to me. The virtual fans in the stands make does nothing for me but the virtual crowd noise makes sense. Because I mean and they've been experimenting with us for a long time because they do cover the lions last half of the season most years so they've heard a lot of stadiums would no crowd in there. Yeah with the BENGALS THEY. They know how bad it sounds. Nobody's fearing I remember like the xfl when they played in like Saint. Louis wherever those indoor stadiums where there and then there's nobody there Watching those games was kind of weird. I wonder again I to to Corey Point though. I want to see like the idea of some different. Yes something before we say no to it and I know I joked about this last week. But I'm asking you seriously Zach. How does it work for Gopher Hockey? I'm being serious like what? What does that broadcast? Feel like when there's no one there I could you can tell a little bit but they're still I mean. They got you know they got enough to wear. It isn't completely debt there. There's still you know I don't know how twenty five three hundred three thousand people can still make enough noise to to not be dead. Gopher Hockey Games had no you actually correction the one Big Ten quarterfinal Roy. Had when they had like less than a thousand there that was weird. I do remember that because I watched I watched some highlights and all that and it was like watching like a practice essentially accept. It was a major very important game For the program so I yeah. It's it's something I I still went off. I would have wanted crowd noise. Look the point of sports authentic. It's it's real and to to bring in a supposed I mean you you talk about laugh tracks like you were talking about last week. I this is. This might feel like a very corny laugh track. There's guy in a trucker in la or wherever controlling what the sound game are like so hot. Check this out to the wanting to Ben said that I thought was emergency on Thursday is ripping. The idea. Kind of unfair would be strained. Who'S THE GUY at Fox? It gets to decide how loud a plays reaction is. Ben made a religious important as a player. He said he would prefer the sound of pumped in the stadium not through the broadcast. The players with paid so much to play in silence. And there's there's not used to that no there's a whole bunch of other concerns like if a if an opposing coach thinks that the that the fake crowd is too loud at the wrong time. It's like well. This isn't this isn't fair. You'd have to have regulations league wide in terms of how many decibels are allowed. The wise guys like Bella Checker GonNa throw massive fits but that would at least eliminate Fox's part in it right this would be a league thing pumped into the stadium not necessarily just pumped into our. Tv's and the guys are playing to silence. The Guy who invented the laugh track had cornered the market. He was the only one that knew how to do it and he did. It live as the show was being filmed and he went to like all the different television shows and did it and then he figured out how to do the technology where he can do it in later but he had a corner on the market for the longest time because he only charged. I think fifty bucks an episode or something like that. He kept the price really low and everybody hired him to do because he had the magic finger. And you remember the Chuck Close German part on. Laugh tracks right now. He said this is more proof. Essentially that the laughed. I'm paraphrasing because I can't do a chuck justice basically he's like if you don't think laugh track is dumb that you are basically being told by other people to laugh at jokes right. They used the same laugh track for a long long time. And so I think this is the one you're talking about which means a lot of the people that are laughing at jokes are dead because that sound was so old. So you're you are being told what is funny by dead people. Sure just decide for yourself. What's funny like I don't know when you laugh right. I hate laugh tracks. I'll tell you that without the I know. These are live. Audiences not laugh tracks but the the late night shows and you know John Oliver. Those shows without any laughter. John's the only one that I think feels so somewhat similar. The other ones are struggling right. Now it's weird you write for a live audience right now. They're trying to write for. Just Stephen Colbert from his home. The vibe I think I think you have to massively adjust but maybe they're going to be back before they figured out. Maybe so.

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