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With the rare inflammatory syndrome linked to cove in nineteen the cases are rattling early assurances that children were largely unaffected by the virus and now there's a pediatric case out of New York and is raising new questions about how and when this illness impacts the body WNYC's Karen he reports no I'm not cruise is trying to remember what she's been singing with her twelve year old daughter Giselle they made up songs they sing the spice girls the Backstreet boys I want it that way things have been a bit of a blur for them lately and singing was how they got through the last three weeks well Giselle was in the hospital it was scary she nearly died after a blood clot stopped her heart the doctors didn't think it was covert nineteen Giselle tested negative for the virus three times she never had a fever or pneumonia but then she tested positive for the antibodies Dr mark Cohen at Newark Beth Israel hospital helps treat Giselle he says the clothing was probably a delayed reaction to the virus the infection occurred before and you don't face the music until after so that's just another feather in the cap of covert being a horrific nightmare it's not clear whether Giselle fall squarely into the category of multi system inflammatory syndrome in children that's the rare condition that causes inflammation of the blood vessels that health officials think is linked to cove it the doctors say there are some similarities among the small number of affected children the virus is still attacking the body even after the acute infection is gone in mid April Giselle says she woke up with a pain in her left leg a very sharp pain like someone was like I don't punching my lake like stabbing my like the next day her leg swelled up to sell says she was too scared to go to the hospital because of the covert outbreak so her mom took her to an urgent care clinic where they prescribed antibiotics they didn't work her leg turned purple her toes read I'm not rushes out to the hospital my mom always calm me down and told me everything was going to be okay at Newark Beth Israel doctors found the veins and just sells like plugged up with clot her leg was two to three times its normal size Dr Cohen says the clock then moved to her lungs and stopped her heart it is never a common for a twelve year old two out of the blue develop a blood clot in the leg Giselle underwent CPR machine took over circulating her blood a ventilator helped her brief doctors fed blood clot in dissolving medicine into her body Giselle says she doesn't remember much of anything when I look up I remember I was trying to move but I couldn't so I got super frustrated answer crying then I got thirsty I asked my mom but I couldn't drink or eat anything because of the tubes in my mouth what she does remember are the fun parts health care workers Anna and Sarah who played no with her and being able to hang out with her mom all the time being silly when she was discharged the staff tutor off the giver.

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