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To hire five hundred new MTA police officers and three MTA buses on Manhattan's new fourteen three bus only through a between third and eighth avenues what an average of up to nine minutes faster since the busway went into effect in October so going to an independent study out today which also found cars getting around the busway of only been slow by a few minutes at the most the only CBS news time is ten sixteen and now to what another new report in twenty fifteen the New York state department of education began looking into the quality of education at yeshivas in New York City specifically if they were up to snuff with curriculum requirements concerning non public schools by twenty seventeen the deal we was planning to release a report with its findings prior to that report being issued in connection with lobbying in negotiations over securing the votes for me or extension of mayoral control of the schools in Albany that representatives of city hall had made a commitment to delay the issuance of that report and it all to me was not issued until August of twenty eighteen the vote to extend mayoral control for mayor of Lazio came shortly after this agreement was made prompted the question of whether or not the delay was made for personal gain Margaret Arnett commissioner of the city's department of investigation says the mayor knew about the agreement but it's not clear if the authorized we did not find any evidence of criminal violations here nor violations of any other laws rules regulations she says negotiations between lawmakers about policy priority happens all the time mac Rosenberg WCBS newsradio eight eight the the New York Post is reporting that the thirty two year old woman accused of being the one caught on video teasing ally and and sighed a lion enclosure at the Bronx zoo back in late September now accused of skipping out on court day last week so the post is reporting my archery now also has an arrest warrant hanging over after a first only facing criminal trespass charges only CBS news time is ten eighteen traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the aids roads foresees Kelly Dylan and leave a let's start with the north and New England Thruway we got to two trucks involved in an accident to right now right past route two eighty seven in the right lane jamming things up delays back onto east down to eighty seven so you want to skip that stock Tappan Zee bridge not looking too bad right now GW bridge that's a quiet ride and not too bad either way the link in the outbound Holland ten minutes if that'd inbound you were moving better a new accident now in the west and cross Bronx and this one is right before you get to third Avenue one laying down at least and delays going back to Rosedale bumper to bumper on the north end deacon ENT stadium on up to the cross Bronx a very busy still an overturned car on the westbound ally E. routes one oh six one oh seven getting cleared away two lanes the right and center currently down in New Jersey got a jackknife tractor trailer still getting cleared up on the Jersey turnpike northbound in the truck lanes by the southern mixing bowl two lanes left and center and delays going right back to interchange fourteen eighty eastbound also a jackknife tractor trailer by exit nineteen Alamut chain two left lanes and down a fuel spill also involved in on the westbound side you will see the left lane closed as well our next traffic update in less than ten minutes on.

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