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What's interesting is that again, it looks like the power is likely going to tame our unless there's a like crazy late last second surge for Joey which I doubt there will would be which. Means that taymor will have this power. And I'm still not exactly sure at this power is. But I was thinking about it more last night. And the fact that it can be used at nominations or veto ceremony. Really makes me think that it's more like Paul's. Pendant of protection, or whatever it was. Where basically the first the second you touch the block it automatically gets used that feels like that to me because otherwise there's no point in not like Tyler because Tyler had to make the decision before the thing happened which made little more inundate. There is still very little point to using it at a nomination ceremony. But at least it made a little bit of sense. Whereas if this happens after then there's zero point is absolutely no point to use it at nomination ceremony. I'm looking for logic in people who are bad at making decisions, which I disagree with their twists decisions all the time. So it might just make no sense. However, I trying to grasp at some kind of logic. It only makes sense if it just automated gets activated the second you touch the block so and then like she safe or Vito arena. So I would assume so what a him. But that means like, you know. So what I'm expecting potentially is. That candy is in about a half hour in about a half hour is going to receive this power. And then a couple hours later she's going to be nominated, and then it's going to be activated. And then she's going to be off the block. And then we're gonna end up with Joey and candy on the block, the power will be completely neutralized and. And then we're going to see probably Joey leave. Yeah. Possibly maybe candy. I don't know. I'm still I still feel like Tom identifies that Joey being around isn't the worst his game. And I have a little bit of hope that. He may be might be a little bit more assertive and push or him to stay. But I guess if the votes are locked into get rid of than he doesn't have power. I really wanna see Tom like he's so good. He's so good at you know. Letting people like do what they wanna do and kind of just like subtly putting in his inside and not being pushy and like steam early Kato is that I think that's a really great part of his game. And that's a winning quality to as well. But I do worry about him not being assertive enough when this his h in that conversation with Ricky Kato when they're having beer. He like Ricky even acknowledged he's like, oh, you keeping Joey is better for your game. And like this is your age oh age. So like not putting him on the block. So that if he like comes down, and he's not mad at you that kind of makes sense. So like I have a little bit of hope that he's not going to make decision that is not best for him. But the problem is that even if he wants Joey safe the only way to keep Joey safe is to not nominate him and as soon as tamer is safe. Joey is his only option to nominate on to to put up next to candy. And so once once Joey is up next to candy, the women will will vote them out. Not what I'm saying is like I'm worried that he doesn't have the the influence to with his alliance to get them to to take out candy instead..

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