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On whether they have a if they have another horse that they would think of and if they don't I would be if they don't have anything else strong like I think they will still try to aim for the therapy with them. They'll definitely aim for it. It's just whether or not he can actually realistically win it now. I firmly believe he's a group one performer and I'm somebody who has the horseback to 16 to one, not for a huge money. He's in a multiple bet that's turned out to be a complete disaster that I got badly wrong, but I do have him in a single as well. I won't be retiring from it. And I won't be going on a 5 star holiday, but we'll get a nice weekend away somewhere. I don't think it's going to happen though. I think he will win a group on this season. I think epsom might be a little bit too fast. And we'll talk about the Derby trial in Ireland in the second, the two horses that I didn't run there ended up getting blown away. But even those races I don't think are as important to ballet doll as they once were. Really, the Derby trial for bally Doyle is the 2000 guineas Chester and lingfield. They're the key ones where their main contenders would prep. Yeah, but of course Chester this week, this time next week, it'll be a lot clearer. Yes, very much so. And my big fancy for the Brian yard for the Derby doesn't even have an entry for the race yet. Let's continue it, but I'm sure we'll talk about him. Later in the week, in terms of royal Scotsman, I did hear some people saying perhaps he could drop back in trip. So it was very intrigued to hear you saying about going up because I would be more of your mindset. I think why not try them over a little bit further. Yeah. He does, I suppose on pedigree, his siblings are Myers and some foreign horses. Do you envisage a scenario where he could turn things around with chaldean in the Saint James's palace stakes? Were they to clash there? Or is it just a case of child in his beat him twice now? Fair and square, and he's just the better horse. Every race is individual, but he would

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