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Could be your bob costas of the wwe. If you do this right. I think that's maybe what he was envisioning. And it just did not play out. Probably the best thing that mike adam lee gave us was the whole kofi kingston jamaica. Me crazy i thought that was pretty weighty a little corny or whatever but you know what i thought it was called so the point eight hours always kind of that never actually turned into a t shirt. I mean we can do pancakes. We can do booty owes you know we. We can do all kinds of but we didn't do a jamaica crazy. Whatever it's all good but in everybody's to serve so quick to throw this new color commentator under the bus like i said from last week y'all got to give this man some time give the man time look though bullshit. I keep waiting for him to say chari for three. Yeah you know i mean. He sounds like he's getting ready to do a basketball player at any moment right. I'm waiting for it So i i have to keep reminding myself you know he's wrestling. He's pro wrestling. I know he's got corey graves. He's got Byron saxton you know. He's got to solid good guys there. That's going to help him and look not for nothing. Can we focus more on the positives rather than semi negatives which is a thing that a lot of people are missing. They're missing the commodity That's going on between these three men. They're finding their little niche there finding their their chemistry amongst each other. And i tell you what. I really had enjoyed it tonight I actually listen good. Good amount of the time. I listened with the audio on because i was trying to hear. av as i like to call them Trying to hear him in and here he was flowing and everything and for me. The beautiful rib of the night came when corey graves said something along the lines to byron saxton. You know says the guide doesn't have a real girlfriend all girlfriends or made out of plastic or some shit like that it was like the ultimate burn of the fucking night A laughed hysterically. I i loved it. i'm just trying to remind myself. Damn how did av get the fuck out at outward. 'cause that was just like epic but now like they've got good chemistry amongst each other. His timing is a lot better than last week This week. I only to my estimation there was only one segment where he kept talking and he was still talking as raw. Went into a commercial break. And i'm going oh by do. How did you miss that. You know but like little stuff like that you know. He'll get better in time and i mean it's very easy for everybody to bitching and not look changes in easy for nobody and i know at its core..

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