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Streak comes to an end and the Golden State Warriors. Take over the top spot in the NBA top spot in the Western Conference. The warriors I see the nuggets. Now, the two seed out west we'll get to all the scores. Listen to the highlights we'll hear from the head coach. But first, let's bring in jas Cosmas king. Katie windy. You take that side. Can you play basketball better than how the warriors played in the opening twelve minutes of this girl? No. Yeah. I don't think so either especially from from a shot making perspective a legitimately did not feel like they missed shot. Right. Hey did. But when you're when you're shooting seventy four percent from the floor and seventy six percent from downtown. I mean, this thing was over in a hurry. Yeah. Yeah. I still I still had hoped because I've seen twenty point comebacks before. But then in the first four minutes of the third quarter. It was basically the same thing we saw on the first, and you just kind of new man, it's a bummer that was that was my moment to where I was like, okay, how come out of that locker room at halftime? The first couple of minutes of the third quarter organized distinguish how the rest of the skin going gonna go flat. Is. Okay. Hey. But by the way, can I mentioned something. Yeah. Heavy is weird in the NBA tonight. All right. Have you blow out? In Indiana, Phoenix, one thirty one to ninety seven Philadelphia beat Minnesota one forty nine to one zero seven, but Lanta beat Oklahoma City one forty two to one twenty cents Atlanta over. Okay, see that. Back which what's the worst loss? This year. The Atlanta win over a okay. See? Yeah. Yeah. The thunder third in the west and they're getting smashed by the hawks in Atlanta. No, you can't do that. Yeah. This is going to sound like a wine and a little bit. Tremont greenback at toss rhino, and you know, I have a story for you. Our our old friend chat Eski. Yeah. Burto used to coach here for be a part of the night staff for fourteen years, he coached in Sacramento, and hopefully, I'm not selling them out here. But when they had boogie out there and the NBA allegedly had advised the referees, basically saying, I'm paraphrasing here, something like this. Listen, we know you can check this guy every single game if you want, but you gotta give him a little bit more leeway wants dream on became an all star. I think the same holds true for him. Yeah. Because Yokich would have access the way that dream on did tonight, which would have been gone, right? A third of a ridiculous statement would never act. But he winds in a very different way mound. Jerry, mom gets up in the refs. Phased don't give it a just so scared to death. They're they're afraid. They something bad could happen in the off season. If they object did the warriors coming by the way, I wouldn't have mattered, right? Yeah. Yeah. They still would have wanted. But did the warriors coming into this game thinking, you what we keep getting hearing all these questions about the Denver Nuggets? We're going to send a message or were. They just just so hot that. First quarter was not. I mean, that's not a message. That's just you cook it, I think they wanted to send a message. Yeah. You think so I really do don't you can't without a doubt. Anyone who's a competitor will save the Bank, and I was at the warriors shoot around this morning. We'll the media Bill Bill the afterwards. And you could feel like what you were asking these types of questions of a bigger game for you guys like competing for that. Number one spot in the west. Of course, they're going to be like now, it doesn't matter like the regular season as his mother gave us the way that they were carrying themselves the demeanor the answers the question Steph. Curry was the only one who was like, yeah. This is a big game. Really? This is a big game for us. We know that they beat us at home already this season. We know we need to come out from the tip in play our game. Like those were words that came out of Steph Curry's mouth, and they did that when it comes down to just bass ball in say, the say the warriors aren't shoot like hot is the surface of the sun. What other things did the the nuggets do poorly? I know there was a lot of offensive rebounds by the warriors in the nuggets. Usually don't give up those kind of rebounds. But other than the warriors just being scorching hot. What did they do to put the nuggets in this whole? I don't eat. This is what makes the Golden State Warriors the Golden State Warriors. If you have all three of those guys hot. What is what can you possibly do? I mean, you cannot do anything. I mean, there's shoot like like curry has his heels on the yellow part of the circle five seconds into the shot clock. And he takes that shot. Scraped? What can you here? Bert. I told you this a million times over the years. Here's what I firmly believe I believe that there's at least three games in any NBA season where you or your opponent. We'll do everything right or can't do anything. Right. And how many of these games? I mean, there's there's not a team in the world that could have beaten. The Golden State Warriors. They just click on all cylinders normally they have one of their big three have an off night that didn't happen. You know, normally they have one bad quarter where it kinda keeps the game close that didn't happen. You know, I it's not it sounds stupid because another gave up one hundred and forty two points and got beat by thirty one. I think the most disappointing thing here Katie can jump in is that they just didn't you kind of hoping for this playoff atmosphere this crowd pumping and come out there and start flying around and it's making crazy plays and getting everybody excited, but they just didn't have that jump at all to begin this basketball game as much as I felt like the warriors came out, and they were sending a message from the beginning of this game the way that they were making shots in the way that they were flying around. I wanted the nuggets to bring that back like that urgency that energy that okay? This is how you guys wanna play tonight. We're going to do the same thing. We're going to have a lot of energy the only guy that I really saw that from was Jamal couple EROs being thrown he was high five and some fans when he made some big shots. But I just didn't feel the spark from Denver that I wanted to feel felt flat. And we saw that a couple of times during the broadcast. There wasn't a ton of movement. There wasn't a ton of energy. It wasn't like Denver really played that they shot forty five percent from the field. Forty one percent from the three point line, statistically, speaking. They played a fine game. It just was the feel of this game that I wanted more. I was I was onset. Here's what here's another thing. You can take from this is what my older brother taught me about fifteen times throughout childhood every every time you gotta get your bucket. Just to keep yourself in check a little bit. All right. So now, you know here you have another winning eleven straight at home, you know, number one of the Western Conference. Birds chirping bread, tastes better. All that stuff. You start feeling good about yourself. So every once in a while, you gotta get smacked in the mouth fertile and come back down to earth and get back to get back to work. And this is what I said on the broadcast to it's like the warriors the way that they were celebrating at the end of that game. It was almost like they thought it. That's really cute Denver that you think that you can be in the western ground Princeton, and that you could compete for that that taps by at least we're having this conversation. I agree completely. And I feel like the team I feel most bad for is the Chicago Bulls. Third and the nuggets are going to be a hundred. They're.

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