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Of you Jain, I just Offerman Mazda. My might have because they have a lot of comedy people. I mean, she had some good jokes. She did. She did I tell you. Danni. The one thing that kind of people in the press from went oh was when the Cosby show. Geoffrey Owens, got an I'm an actor. That was really nice. I thought that was to give a little. Viral photo of him working as a cashier at trader Joe's last year. And anyway, he he was you know, people were just say we shaming him. That's what it was. Was you know, and it was like, well, you know, the acting every it seemed like that was kind of a frame of reference Fisher cat when she came back. She said, you know, my dad was a working we had seven kids. And she said he didn't want me to be an actor because it's not always an easy way to make a living. You don't know when your next job is coming Jason Bateman made reference to that Rami Alec. But this has been something that they've always ended. The Sega words they started off. I am an actor. Story you tell a story is it. Did you get cast? You know people. Do we don't have. Now the guy. No, no, we didn't ask for that. But I mean, he got a big round of applause and in the back room, or at least I was applauding. And you know, it's funny. He said, and I I was a worker at trader Jones, but I'm an actor spent a good year for me or whatever he said, and then the cast of black clansman had the real Ron stallworth sitting with for trade in the movie by John, David Washington. So he was really there. Yes. Trish, your cat things American thanked Robert Muller for supporting American sovereignty. And so. John Christine ski starting gave to standing ovations at two different times for Emily blunt, and tears and his I was so sweet completely Pierce, my heart. You have completely. Husband Alan, Alda, got a huge long, sandy. But see breaks away from the show when the winners come back. So you'll either show kind of discombobulated so. Yeah. Jason Bateman keep it together. Sander ho was very inspirational. The Black Panther cast was so pumped. They were they were shocked the fun. And you know, we talked on sage jed with bozeman gave a good movie acceptance speech, and then very eloquent in the back. Our friend Tanya hurt asked a good question about the importance of this movie getting made it'd be popular. And what it means? And so it was very we're like, wow. You would have been glad if you watch the whole show, I think. Oh, yeah. Memorium boy with a little twenty a lot of people was a lot of people a lot of people, and Danny I know you posted this and probably, you know, that's maybe we're Alec Baldwin was on the show last night, the trailer for drunk parents is here, and he's in it was so my supposed to be the trailer is very funny. Oh, good might be. If it's this funny now, I'm worried are those all the funny. Be a train wreck that that's just Bonilla. I agree. That happens in trailers, they show you all the really funny parts. So take a look at that. If you would like we also have the red carpet eighty two different dresses that were worn and Zach Ephron is scaring the hell out of us looking like Ted Bundy and a net. Oh my gosh. Does he ever trailer? Kind of. I know it's it's uncanny resemblance. Bundy also Julia ju Andrew Cunanan, I'm not Andrew Cunanan Gianni Versace Darren criss came back. And you know, what he said in? This was kind of sweet because I was gonna ask him a question. You were you were working. I was working on it. And we haven't chatted since we chatted so many years ago at the four seasons. Yeah. He was really sweet wanting to make sure that everybody who is affected by Andrew Kanada him Johnny for Sachi's family. Doug. I can't think of his last year of trail. I can't think of the. Yeah. And he says I I did we did that twenty explain the families. We wanted to show, you know, the story and how it impacted people in mental illness just really defended that a lot. So I feel like maybe there's been some pushback there. We want them to make sure that this was a powerful story. And then needed to be told about mental illness will also that you get to know Andrew Cunanan victims. Yeah. You.

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