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But Have you do the connections in jay that you put up program to get. It should have been up again. Yeah i'd love to. But i haven't really tried you know. Just it's on certain you just can't commit to anything you can't even commit to anything and all the and did you know it's just too hot so the last couple of years. Yeah they've been a little bit Lackluster in the other programs. But on the right thing is always and will always be the priority for me. But you get to do the ballots about just fun you know and and a bonus are yeah I'm playing future but you know the way things are going. It'll probably still even be another year away putting us on who potentially could be Your paying in twenty twenty. Two what do you look for from insane night. I mean you've been in a single car teams you're invading lodging moving three teams. What do you look for from. Your team might Firstly they gotta be soft like Yeah but i think you know. The the last team might have had a vein hugely different and But it comes down to the team environment You know certainly with craig jamie Learnt much more than any other team and had a lot of fun doing it. United great god but You know coming. In from daybreak and lang everything out on the table and being so open was a huge change from cy brother and talking about the car. And what you expect. You know. you weren't if a harding. Anything and You'll be real came fire and and it's been a. It's been good to a job that and it took me a little bit Open up and twenty sixteen and talk about everything but certainly it helps the payment in the long run and You know even jamie and sometimes walk different things from mccaw afaf like if you got similar setup she bugged gonna be similar sadie. Democracy have different ways to getting the comment. But certainly you want someone about you know a good team player and you know always on norway's or it's foster an open environment like take no where you're in a senior content Yeah and you came in the championship. Which which was unheard of for a single con same to to a change that What you've achieved so far at at triple eight Must've exceeded your expectations I dunno no not really just probably had to deliver like i know that In an opportunity and the best team in the in the field. And i have to perform and and do my mom stops. Are you know if i knew if i worked hard enough at my craft and make sure everything was raw that i had every opportunity to be out front and you know i think every year since i've aimed at the same thing in the front front top three every every year and won a lot of right this Yeah the job. You know it was all on may perform so yeah. I've had two different step it up and be better. The laci is of course last year was your say in in being in. That's up for the championship so consistency certainly one of it but spayed and consistency is obviously a very bottle clue into your success Just for a matter of that. I always like would set you. Winning right show at the moment is fifty. Is the same for this season. Eleven of non saying so congratulations. It's bay next one hookah looking forward just per second weekend jane three now. You've already put out there a few of you of us. Have you gone a glimpse into what jane three is gonna be. Yeah it's Obviously touchy touchy subject. At the moment for anyone in the sport It's hardly political which are height But you know the potential. Is there for something awesome. They just needs to be a bit more unification between the pains and the theories and stuff. Yeah i don't like token about it publicly about everyone sign. Pike's there you know. We just made a native coming together because it can and and probably will be epic. We just need a calm get raw and stop trying to take the politics out of it. But that's right thing sometimes isn't a inundated shying i know myself and many other thousands of people around the world the when you can get back into j. guy and wish you all continue success You me wonderful to to say the job. You're doing it. As i talked about as the side of the show It was wonderful to say you go. Congrat- fried cam and and the very hot felt will that you showed him and how much you enjoyed that writing Shine you're you're a wonderful man. And i love the way which you can pay didn't have done brought to when you arrived at seminole or impacts k. Doing what you're doing and thank you so much for joining us on inside civic. Thanks tiny kid guys inside. Supercars is produced by sunday media shooting next on for more or locking the podcast on roger jones or mobile device search inside supercars. The views expressed on inside supercars including the panelists and guests do not reflect the views of the network. Thunder media will sport radio any publication or ray broadcast of the show without the express written permission of fund. Media is strictly prohibited..

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