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Whether it was President Clinton or I guess, president Nixon never got there. He left. I don't leave the difference. Only Trump's they're speaking to reporters at the White House. Meanwhile, the house oversight committee says it still plans to vote Wednesday on whether to hold Torney general William bar. Also commerce secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt of congress for refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena amid renewed calls for bans on gun silencers in the wake of the recent mass shooting. In Virginia Beach, the US supreme court today declined to hear a case that could have expanded constitutional protections for those devices axel from member station, Casey, you are has more in this case to Kansas men were convicted of violating the national firearms act an appeals court rejected their claim that the second amendment should apply to silencers. Eric Rubin is a fellow at New York University of law schools, Brennan center for Justice. He says it's still possible that this more conservative court will be more willing to hear second amendment cases. And that one shouldn't read too much into this decision as the court rejects most of the cases, it's asked to review. It doesn't mean the supreme core. Was unwilling to disrupt what the lower court had decided namely the silencers don't get second amendment protection, the high court will hear a gun related case next term for NPR news. I'm Chris Hassell, two of the country's biggest aerospace and defense firms Raytheon and United Technologies have agreed to merge. And here's Greg Meyer says, this is raising questions about reduced competition among military contractors, if they join forces, Raytheon and United Technologies will become the second largest company in the industry, trailing, only Boeing aerospace and defense companies have been consolidating for decades. The result is a small number of very large players. But Todd Harrison of the center for strategic and international studies says he doesn't see a problem in this case, I don't think that they have a lot of overlap where they have duplicate of capabilities. And so it's not really a matter of narrowing the number of companies that could compete for defense contracts in the future shareholder. Regulators still have to sign off on the deal. Gregory NPR news, Washington. Wall Street higher by the closing bell. The Dow up seventy eight points to end at twenty six thousand sixty two the NASDAQ up eighty one points, five hundred thirteen this is NPR news from Washington. And you're listening to WNYC in New York. I'm Jamie Floyd. The pilot of a helicopter that crashed onto the roof of a mid town, skyscraper has died, the F D, N Y saying it does not appear that anybody else was on board. When the crash occurred just before two pm this afternoon. Governor Andrew Cuomo told reporters that a fire started when the aircraft hit the building. But then it was quickly brought under control Cuomo says the crash appears not to have been a deliberate event. The only indication.

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