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Dangerous flash flood situation. So pleased to be careful and And don't be driving through tall water. I mean, it's I know, we all think that are four wills, et cetera. Go through it. But it's crazy stuff that happens and hey, want to go to the V I P lines so grateful Jeff Kyle Kohli with us. He is executive director of Compass, Colorado. He's been on top of a story that in my opinion Has the potential. We can draw conclusions at this point, but it has the potential to be the worst political scandal in Colorado history. Certainly the most deadly And duck, Kyle. Thank you for being with us. And can you talk to folks about this? This tragic series of events where where the Polish administration suddenly Commits $90 million through a no bid contract to a California start up to do Covid testing of our elderly with disastrous results. Absolutely. So, thanks for having me, Dan. You know what I go all the way back to really get to the beginning of how the state ended up with this company curative. 25 year old CEO with tests that we now know, uh we're completely faulty, both potentially producing false negative and false positive results if you look at what the FDA said You have to go back all the way to July 2020 when an individual named Gary Lauder, who of the Estee Lauder cosmetics, family, Big Democrat donor. Posted the governor's senior pandemic advisor KC Wolf in his home, and it just so happens that the subject of covid testing comes up. And he mentions the this wolf that he happens to be invested in this company called Curative. Andy would loved linked. This stayed up with the company to help augment The testing capacity flash forward to November the state enters into this $90 million, no bid contract with by the way vetting processes that we know from corridor public from the power of our public radio story with no standardized vetting processes for this contract. Immediately afterwards, nursing homes start complaining of false positive tests that both left than short staffed. And potentially, we now believe may have left. Uh Healthy nursing home patients and coat put them, you know, exposed them to covid with other covid positive patients, making the whole problem worse, and it's just the whole. This whole situation raises a bunch of questions. And great summary. How do we get the answers? The answer is hopefully uh, you know, I know. The State party has called for a bipartisan investigation into what went wrong. Important to note in Colorado Public radio story, the Department of Human Services. Is actually investigating why nursing homes for military veterans mostly run by the department, Human Services have had so many deaths in the state auditor has actually opened up an investigation there, so that is sublimated progress. Ultimately, we really need to examine what went wrong on a system wide. Well. Oh, my goodness. Yes. I mean, I I think we need the answers to lots of questions. Cow Kohli, our guest from Compass of Colorado, where his executive director But we also need to find out. We need to find out the governor's involvement what he knew when he knew it. What role, if any, he played in it and listen inherently plays a role. He's the governor of the state, so if he did not know about it and did not have a role in it That's horrific as well on a decision is important in life and death is this Is who what company is going to provide the testing for our most vulnerable Coloradans if he didn't know anything about it? That's horrible in its own ways. Absolutely. And once we got employment, by not damn is that the governor's office has strenuously denied that he had any involvement with respect to selecting curative as I testing provider for Colorado. But all of these denials have been nature's spokespeople. Whenever you're missed about political scandal and all of your denials I made the spokespeople and the governor himself won't go on the record That should embrace a major major red flags, right? And what kind of red flag does it raise? I mean, he doesn't go on the record. This guy has never met a camera He didn't like when he was going to be treated with kid gloves. But It tells you he does not have good answers to these questions, right? Does it suggest, and I phrase this is a question, not an answer. Does it suggest that he's concerned about any kind of criminal liability? That is to be determined. I haven't heard anyone suggest that so far. But frankly, at this point without the governor, answering these questions himself. I guess there's no way that we can really rule anything out right and listen as a practical matter and tell me if I'm wrong. But as a practical matter, we know with a Democrat attorney General Phil Weiser. He's not going to investigate Beth McCann, the Denver D A. She's not going to investigate. You know, I think the question is. Is there anybody out there? That's going to investigate. And and that's where I get into this question again. It's a question, not an answer. I don't have the answers on this. But is there and Colorado as you probably know. Kyle has all sorts of statutes and I do catastrophic injury work. I don't do criminal law. I'm not the expert in that field, but Colorado has all sorts of statutes that that can be read in a very broad way. Have to do with official misconduct have to do with public misconduct. They spin off of the bribery concept, but they don't require the old fashioned. Hey, here's a bag of money sign this bill and so And I want to make it clear as well that I'm not casting any aspersions on anybody other than the governor and and the administration by aspersions. I mean fair questions about whether there was serious wrongdoing. The candlelight innocent people killed Companies and their investors coming to politicians, you know, wanting fair wanting, you know them too, You know. Either services or whatever. I'm not suggesting anything wrong there. But I'm suggesting there is a very serious question about serious wrongdoing by our governor. Absolutely. And you know, one other piece of this puzzle that seems to also read some additional red flags. Is that the former head of testing Sarah Tune, Berg and the individual I mentioned Casey Wolf. Both are no longer with the Polish administration..

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