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Back here along with it the west campus location the Iowa state cyclones you mentioned it that's one of those teams that don't before why five and four record when the when the four losses are by a combined eleven point yeah they they you know stormed back against the Oklahoma they were two point conversion away from from one in that thing and then you know Baylor Adam down twenty the nas and they came back took the lead she's twenty one cause of great fries million with took the lead twenty one twenty in the fourth quarter you know so yeah they they are a force to be reckoned with that they play even better at home than than on the road and you know we we've been there before obviously I coach there for three years and I know how rabid their fan bases and so it'll it'll be a a challenging challenging game for us I've heard block party compared to how similar was a couple years ago as a sophomore is that an accurate comparison yeah probably you know he's he's made tremendous progress you know he's six in the country and in passing yards per game and I I think just their their plan they they you know last year they had some really good outside receivers Akeem Butler being being one of them and their their vertical passing game was was the full and lot of those guys left and now they've got some big physical athletic tight ends that.

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