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Pay their Rangers its earth ranger, Emma gear. Okay. The other day when I was out in the field searching fascinating stories for the new season. I'd bumped into a friend of mine safari guide Lawrence from the animal sound safari podcast. He was trying to catch a fish with his bare hands. It didn't really work out Lawrence and his team are podcast friends from Australia. And I think you really like their show animal. Sounds far is all about the weird and wacky stories. We humans have with animals around the world like Roosters saving lives in Portugal or camel, beauty queens in the Middle East. You know, what I think we should take a listen to my favorite episode. It's a story of yet poobah writing warrior, mice in Tibet Google is that all right Lawrence take it away. This is an ABC putt cost. Welcome to animals, sound safari. I'm you'll safari guide Lawrence. It's very mice to meet you, eat safari might take you to a different part of the world to me. A special animal today will be scurrying off to catch up with a quota on your social. And how do we get well in this? Are logical safari Mabille. It's only like the coolest Mabille on the planet. But I did notice it was looking a little ready. So I decided to clean it off a bit. And now it's squeaky-clean today way going to meet a rodent that loves to run up corks and play hide in squeak. Can you guess who it is? It's the mouse. So I've seen my scarring around here and there, but I've never actually had a pet mouse before have you? But I want to know what you already know about this little critter. Myself, quiet smart. And I think mice achie- key and disgusting whenever you see. It's just a blur. And then it goes between you couches and stuff, and you can't see it in my new house to every single time when we move into this like a lot of mice. And then there's some dead. My sometimes disgusting. They can do all the tricks that have tiny legs the ability small, so they can do going to slow spaces. I've been at say Delic disgust noodle. Something good. I wouldn't say they're like fifty and Ida full. Some interesting observations there. Now, let's see what Laura out animal expert has found out. Lawrence debase learns to base. This is Laura I've been here ratting around for facts. You'll jokes are really cheesy today. Laura, actually, I've been spending some time here at base and thinking about mice when it comes to mice us people just concierge to make up L minds OB I pissed all the world's cutest companions. Do. We love them. Like Mickey Mouse. Do they make a scream when they run along the floor. The answer is we feel all of these things about mice. At once this tiny little scarring squeaking ferry animal has had a big effect on him big affect on humans. How what do you mean? I mean, one mouse stealing out cheese. Okay. But when it becomes millions of little mice who become a plague. It's terrifying. These mice can eight their way. Through everything crops and even 'cause talk about a mouse attack. Yeah. These little creed is do have a lot of strength in numbers. This also a long history of mass love in Japan, for example, people kept fancy mice. These were house must that had been dimissed decayed as picks. So your saying that some people think there are too many mice and others want to make more mice. I'm way too confused as little animals have us running a rounding circle. I guess we'll have to make up our own minds on today's safari, then I guess you will speak soon Lawrence over and out. Over and out Laura today where heading to one of the highest spots on the planet to meet our small theory friends where going to two bets. It's in Asia. And it is so beautiful lots of very high mountains. Oh, wait. I just remembered a joke, which is so relevant right now. Ready? What kind of car does a mouse drive? It drives a minivan. You get like a mini van like a small van. Such a joke. The magical Safai Mabille is the opposite of a mouse minivan, though, I mean web big with us where loud and where going come on Hoppy in.

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