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Ending ovation from the audience host. Andy cohen. With one gus whose craft is acting in another who's crafts are oftentimes phallic her new movie. The boss baby family business is streaming on peacock and coming to theaters next friday. Please welcome ab sedaris. That's performances are always high stakes. Perhaps most notably in the vampire. Diaries say hi to my buddy in summer alder and i love. It ends just sitting there sipping his bourbon. Like a stud and amy. Last time. I saw you man we were. Amy and i have a bi weekly dinner with sarah jessica. Parker and amy overheated and almost fainted at the table the other night writing me yet. My shirted things came together. The wine the spaghetti i was grieving. A lot was going down. You guys rescued me l. I was just grateful. There was a paparazzi around with you to towels around my head. And sarah got ice tea peppermint tea for me. Yeah sarah was a really good nurse. And i just wanted to keep the train moving because i was like she just she just needs to sit there and cool down. You bolted yeah. I don't know how you did. And then sarah walk me home but i wanted to my acupunctures the next day and he said that you did everything right. Oh could buy me going home for my massage. And letting sarah yeah sorry. You make it through scouting. He and i've talked to you like three times during the pandemic. And you're still in that airstream in malibu heart you have you locked. I have i have. I've gone to shower and he dinner with beautiful wife and baby other than that. I haven't left right very good. I love it. You have a beautiful wife babies. He's been sipping bourbon in that. Were a year okay. The only person who's done more in life than amy is probably your strangers with candy character jerri blank who lived so hard that her syphilis got crabs. Good times so. Ab treat us to around of. What are you still amy to do. Tell us what's left on. Your bucket list eighty eighty. What's a.

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