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Play goes inside the forty five yard line up the Broncos and they don't give them the forward progress I thought he had it might be a first round the tackle by Dennis Smith it was not an easy catch for rice and they're going to measure to see of San Francisco I was first out I was first in twenty nothing to it it is a first down in Montana on first down passing the two playoff games he is gone seventeen of nineteen FirstEnergy solutions eighty nine percent has been a hot they overcame a holding totally rise goals left the chair rice goes to the right Taylor the life rate rather than the fact they offer a personal call Montana Rathmann sliding right turns up field and driven back on a strong number somehow and a two yard pickup for Tom Rothman the big running back out of Nebraska it is second nominate for San Francisco wide receivers to the right side Reagan motion back to throw short drop browse complete decorate expands down near the thirty five yard line short of a first down in the arms of Simon Fletcher got the help from Dennis Smith it's third down coming up for San Francisco when they're on the slide to the right side Jack in the sand creek in motion to the left it looks like they're probably going to see whether safety is going to go and if they have a shot I hate to they're tied in looks Jones I'm sorry number eighty four it is third in total for San Francisco the thirty six yard line receivers or San Francisco looting well said here is the running planning the thirty four here looks like a short of a first down on that third down play the forty Niners are in a spot where they can gamble if they wish Mecklenburg in Dennison made the tackle two fifty two left in the first quarter and they stopped the clock perhaps they'll measure again forty Niners have lead by the score of seventy three they did not make the first one is for teenagers I for one would like to see a team game a little spot like this because you don't get that many chances in the Superbowl game they don't gamble and go for it on the situation got the position airlines Asian ten honors after putting up first and perhaps that is a call it's a first person story was he almost lost the ball on the Broncos and secondly almost broke it for a score the other thing he said in the paper he said the only thing about it is he is fumbling I do not want to fumble three fumble on the last play he was down before the ball came loose and it's a first round of the proper thirty one one forty five left in the first quarter three wide receivers including Mike Wilson for the forty Niners thank St off throws into the end zone and miscommunication and John Taylor the passage the routes short Montana through the end zone incomplete stops the car with a one thirty remaining in the first quarter San Francisco leading by the score of seventy three Jones on the right side was put to the wayside Jackie had a perfect opportunity one on one I'm surprised Joe didn't see him out there and try to go to we've seen Montana better than this sees five out of nine one touchdown pass it is a major earlier he doesn't throw too many bad passes consecutively would remain wide receiver the changes the play he is on the throne it is a strong defensive play the fifty yard line to get the ball to Taylor and there was a Braxton right on top of them the passing complete the great play by brexit this Matthew was tempted to run with the ball it is being shadowed by Reagan the nose guard I have been able to log right here on channel through the ball on the run at about the fifteen yard line and the defensive back cam'ron avoided interference and knocked the ball down Taylor then drove back to the you can choose where the drive coming up it's thirteen ten four wide receiver set purchase go in a straight steps up throws over the middle inside the fifty he's tough to bring the Montana was third that was one yeah not all the time when the world will throw the ball Weiss on inside we got to look at Joe dot of light between the linebackers beautifully perfectly and of course rice runs the ball so well once he makes the catch he made an extra eight or nine yards is one of the football a twenty two yard pickup for passes caught by rice here's the first on call just inside the damage first and goal should there goes great fighting a little bit of room up the middle broke a couple tackles then only got about a yard a one yard pickup for Craig to the number eight and the Broncos would like to make the forty Niners settled for a field goal try number player shaken up that's Mecklenburg Bloomberg and that stops the clock with twenty three seconds left here in the first quarter share print Cisco leads by the score of seven to three and much take time out Karl Mecklenburg staggered off the field second and goal from the seven for the forty Niners when we resume play with only twenty three seconds remaining in the first quarter San Francisco meetings seven to three they scored on a twenty yard touchdown pass to Jerry rice Broncos came back in late on a forty two yard field goal by David Treadwell now trying to get six more here comes Montana Bryson Taylor gold July Roger Texas rolls right seven all these losing coverage first place she in the safety and as a result M. Jones was open for the free live scoring again you say all these foreigners simply cannot be stopped the extra point he has missed a total of three extra points all year one in playoff competition very helpful all the ball Chuck Thomas will snap and it's not the school remains thirteen to three with three seconds remaining in the first quarter Greg Jones with a touchdown and bread for all you do is this box for you we have had three ten plays scoring drives in this game the extra point was missed by called for a moment ago all off to the right and the scores thirteen to three with three seconds left tackle for kicks off this one is high and the bill will be returned on the seven by can quickly to the twenty the twenty five yard line and that's the way in the first quarter I'm sure all calls will start from their twenty five the three services call the second quarter for a full twenty four thirteen to three separate shifts going twenty yard scoring pass to Jerry rice Denver countered with a forty two yard field goal by David Treadwell a seven yard touchdown pass to Brent Jones made a thirteen to three all for missed the extra point Bloomberg is putting a brace on his left knee after being injured earlier and the Broncos start from their twenty five as we get under way in the second quarter later in the broadcast we'll tell you about today's Turkey super alignment sponsored by Campbell's chunky soup the satisfying stop that keeps you going what do you think of the trend of this one Hey there was a fumble that led to that last touchdown by the forty Niners we talked about that formal opportunity potential Jack because I think that anytime you have a K. H. Y. if you carry the ball on this well you're gonna have a problem because the service as a result you carry the ball and a long arm and we do that we get attacked from the inside out in case a lot of formal opportunities and that's exactly what happened on Jackson it's Johnson to arrive for the Broncos the motion by the time for all his head as he throws it almost the thirty five yard line into the arms of mark Jackson by don Griffin on the play and Mike Walter almost had the ball come to him as he was going to the ground a dangerous role by away No Way stats here in the early going well there's only one of seven one of the now Jack for twenty seven yards Montana seven of twelve for two touchdowns in ninety three as Mr in his last five it is the second and ten from his twenty five yard line thirty five again just is that the forty Niners where the very ordinary find a job there they're not gambling at all they never gamble the right getting to the quarterback with the pressure with a four man rush and as a result L. way is not able to step into a role and follow through and throw the ball like you like to walls have been dropped the Broncos sixty six for the forty Niners thanks because it's caught a middle screen also thirty that's all taken wonder and it's time for the protocols again more six yards and the Broncos will have to put to return with the foreigners on broadcast you just hate to give Montana the ball well the other thing Jackie is the that time it was a middle school transaction value so quick and agile recovered well enough to make the tackle from the backside there is a point by my career on the left footed kicker Hanson hi John Taylor calls for and target it is only thirty one yard line so that's where Montana will set up shop after a thirty seven yard fourteen twenty two left in the half foreigners have the ball in the thirteen three lead let's take time out Mecklenburg is back in their defensive play for the Broncos Hey we have a school or an update from the football too the end of the first quarter bud light leach Budweiser thirteen to three have a controversial play illegal use of the hand by bud light well here's the balls at the thirty one top San Francisco Terry Taj and Steve Wallace check in the office of line of the forty Niners Wallace at left tackle in college the guard spot back to throw Montana is short pass over the middle right in a big way up first down up to the forty nine yard line news Simon Fletcher making a tackle but they cannot stop this forty.

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