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And I think people some people even at the meeting that he has his Guti, but but they remember his time at, you know, when he was president between two thousand three and two thousand ten Brazil's economy was doing credibly well in Brazil lived a fantastic moment and people do remember those times phoned, especially in the poorest in Brazil. They were beneficial for some of Louis policies as well and people from the north east as well. And just briefly what is happening next regarding campaigning? When is the next debate for example? Well, the next debate is this Friday and and I hope it's better than the one we had before where Lula or corruption were not mentioned. So again, I hope the candidates will be talking about what Brazilians are really worried about any wonder what's going to be the performance of candidates like valuable sonar, and Gerald welcoming. We will find out on Friday that was. Monaco's fan Landau our Gustavus Sheku. Thank you very much. And then here is what else is making news today. The rescuers are continuing the search for possible survivors. Following the collapse off a motorway bridge in the Italian city of Genoa. The country's government said that as least thirty five people were killed. When the structure fell apart, Israel's government says is will reopen the main cargo crossing with Gaza later today, Israel shots the crossing for all, but humanitarian deliveries more than a month ago in response to attacks by Palestinian along the border and the international dark sky association has revealed that seven national park in the south of France is to go light. Pollution free. The park will retrofits about twenty thousand exterior lights to help it achieve its aim. Those are some of the headlines we are following today here on monocle twenty four. On this week's episode of the entrepreneurs, we are featuring Jo Malone. She's the entrepreneur behind the eponymous rake ruinous Jo Malone London, the brand doors in the nineteen ninety s and at the end of that indicate, Joe sold the company to Esti Lauder. She stayed on us a creative director for a while, but eventually left the business in two thousand and six, a five year, no compete agreements kept her quiet for awhile, but she returns to the fragrance industry. We have a new brand Joe loves, and she told Matt a guy on about it. So I started off as a beautician in skincare. One of the first products I created with no training whatsoever was a little body Latian could not make ginger, and I would message people said that was the first point, but I had this ability like a musician I can only think of is it's like a musician. I hear this tune in my nose if that makes. I know that sounds weird, but. That's what happens. And I'm able to piece the memories together because of dyslexia, and I'm able to create puzzle in my head and then I'm able to create the product. So that's that's how I create in us how I create today. I didn't really sort of set out to start a business. I was surviving, like a lot of entrepreneurs do you set out and you do something and you want to pay the rent and then you want to pay the salaries and suddenly you look at something and you think my goodness, the world's knocking on my door wants this product. When we opened little warden straight all those years ago, that was when I knew there was something when that man walked in the door that very,.

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