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Pulling away from the magic. We're back on Monday, continuing to discuss the new look nets. I'll tell you why Keyshawn is wrong. And then that should be the favorites to win the 2021 MBA title. Keyshawn, Jalen Zubin, six Eastern on ESPN radio. Easy if it's if it's a pretty common always appreciate you joining us and Freddy Simmons presented by progressive insurance on ESPN radio, the ESPN officers except challenge 80. And so I guess I'll try to hang out with us to hear Thanks, Goodyear Hotline, So we had a chance of urban Meyer. Back in the football game in charge of pretty much everything, even though he's the coach, but pretty much in charge of everything with the jacks with Jaguars. He had a chance to speak about that today. But in you spoke on the correlation between what he's trying to do and what are already been done in a similar situation when Jimmy Johnson left Miami and took over the Dallas Cowboys and Freddie know what's crazy is that we talked about that last night. Where, When I went a This is this is very early, similar to Jimmy going to Dallas from Miami being the Hurricanes? Well, a guy who was there right all the sudden, urban Meyer says today, this press conference. I talked to Jimmy Johnson about what it takes to go. Being an accountable and powerful college coach to the NFL guy who was there when Jimmy first took over. The Cowboys joins us right now. I got a good year..

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