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The freedom to travel the freedom to work. The freedom of commerce are in place across the country to slow the spread of novel Corona virus a threat perhaps greater than the spread of the Spanish flu in Nineteen Eighteen. Which killed an estimated seventeen million to fifty million people in a worldwide population of one point? Eight interesting right traditionally. When we've had governments enforce quarantines and other kinds of restrictions they generally applied to individuals. We know to believe are at risk of being infected. He said so in most cases the individual either the condition and is contagious. Or we believe he or she may have been exposed to the condition and therefore may be contagious. The problem right now is we. Don't have any test so there's no way to tell if someone is contagious. Krona virus restrictions likely to be upheld but the threat of covert nineteen is so that unbalanced Khanna said the restrictions we now face or more likely to prove not only wise in limiting the spread of the virus but also likely to gain acceptance legally as price required to deal with the public health emergency in my assessment. We live in unprecedented times because on one hand the orders are expensive but on the other hand the risk is also greater than anything we've ever seen before and so what courts usually do is they engage in balancing and look to see what evidence supported the actions governments have taken in balance that against civil liberties of individuals and in situations like this courts have often held that these actions are appropriate in the circumstances. That's my assessment. As I said this is unprecedented and to my thinking courts would find that these actions make sense a time for a critical conversation. Paul Lavelle Assistant Professor of Political Science at Fort Lewis College said given the experience of September eleventh and the continued reauthorization of the Patriot. Act which I was just talking about. That imposes some limitations on government power that conduct searches without warrants and produces the bar for showing probable cause in investigating national security threats. It is wise to examine possible impact of civil liberties in the wake of covert nineteen. This is the time when we should really have a critical conversation about the erosion of civil liberties. He said now of course people are really concerned about their health their families the livelihoods the economy jobs. So that does make it. A scary time for advocates is similarities. Because we might fear that when people are worried about making Brent worried about feeding their kids they might have less time and energy to dedicate to protecting their civil rights and liberties but of course protecting civil liberties have real life consequences long term as well developed said it strikes him that President Donald Trump is more likely to be criticized for not invoking. Enough St power them for limiting federal actions and protection of individual liberties. Now this is a much pause real quick so this is something that I've point out. I've seen where I've seen a lot of people calling for a national lockdown saying that we probably should have had a national lockdown like in February or January but again I believe the problem with that is with the downplaying the chroniclers again by people on the left and the right including the president without people having a true sense of the danger out corona virus this would have been seen as truly overstepping his powers. But you know I mean hindsight's twenty twenty back to the article. He noted that trump has been criticized for failing to invoke a national stay at home order or take control of Industries to direct production. Virus has ventilators and personal protection equipment on Earth Authority under the authority. He has under the national defense production. Act Trump's reluctance to take these orders. He said likely stems from reticence. In American popular in American political culture about too much power in the hands of the federal government especially the presidency a hypothesis that I have is perhaps it has something to do with American political culture and the deep skepticism. We have of the use of state power because you saw both trump into a much much much lesser degree Governor Jerry. Pillows be pretty reluctant to do things like issue. Stay at home guidance. Dell said so I'm GONNA end this. They are but I suggest you go check out the other article in all of the other articles talking about this very very important topic because this is something back like I said I'm not a lot of people are focusing on and it's something that we need to think about. This is really something that we need to think about okay that AH for the American Electric PODCASTS. I'll be back on Monday. My friends.

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