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Even bring part of that to you. But back to the phones very quickly and where we're going here. Okay. Becky, you're on Cam. Jay, thanks for calling. Hi. Hi, I have a little different opinion in some of your other callers. I think if you're looking at it objectively on the shutdown part of it. He did take. But you only have a three week window for negotiations, which I don't think are going to go anywhere. And at the end of all this. There's a broader strategy Nancy Pelosi has been offer some job that in there some things dealing with work visas, and that sort of thing as rejected it outright. So at the end of all of the President Trump show has options on the table to an emergency declaration or other ways to get as well, she with us holding the presidency in the Senate, basically has no option to get what she wants. I think at the end of it it's going to bite her in the butt because she's she had no avenue to get what she wants. He still has. So that that makes it maybe a cave on the shutdown, but that just kind of showed who cared about American people. She'd been going on for a year, if she didn't get her way, you're basically say. When I said on Friday, she may win the battle. But he's going to win the war. Oh, yeah. Perfect. Becky, thank you. What's going on with this? White House briefing is John Boehner's on television. And he's saying that they're going to be some sanctions against Penn as Walea, we'll miss him. And that's only to be expected. Obviously that's gonna make it worse for the Venezuelan people who are the worst shape right now. But I think that's the one thing that will flip the military in a hurry much quicker, much sooner than later. So I think it's the right move to be made right now. We'll give you more of that later. Okay. Moving on did Donald Trump cave, by reopening the government. Let's go to Larry Larry, you're on Cam Johnson. He caver not talk to me. The president of not dealing with honorable people on the other side of it. Ohio get they were audible, they would do exactly what the president has been. He's been down to the border several times. Has been invited by some of the border patrol agents, and their wives. If they were able to get their butts down there. Themselves and do the right thing and sure our country the right way. So you agree with these border patrol wives that the the leader of the democratic party's neither of the both leaders need to get down there and view this for themselves. Otherwise, they don't know what they're talking about. Exactly get down there for yourself. I made a little trip down there myself on vacation around and the book the wallet there, but it needs to be completed their sensitive areas. And let's be honest. The sales and all those things are coming through. They need to be secured. This is a national security item. They need to get up and do the right thing for our country. I completely agree. And and it is a security issue. And we're finally getting that through our head, sir. Thank you for bringing that up. I said we were never going to get this for years. We're never going to get serious about border protection until we take this as a national security issue. And it's finally been embraced his that, you know, and there are some areas where we do have a wall and some very critical of having a wall have talked about how people burrow under these areas where we do have a wall. Well, that's because it has no undergrad cement funding this wall that we're going to build will. And you're not gonna be able to dig hundred. So that noise will go away. Jesse welcome to camp. Jane, the Ray Appleton.

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