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Amendment or something along those lines now what's happening it was an interesting to note is that there's nothing there either what this is about is still simply let's try something so far moeller has indicted four people forget that thirteen people diesel russian botch last week i know he's people where he gives the hail mary they had to do because the member why did that happen at the very time same kind of people were asking why did the fbi dropped the ball regarding that florin investigation why didn't the fbi respond to the name of this kid i s p of this kid pictures of the kids in charge of the palpable all of a sudden we got an indictment far remember the first two indictments were of course manafort and gate that predates true that's the by ukraine now the other one to public dobelis and flynn dow basf point is recently this federal judge said i want you to consider general flynn entertaining and when a judge does is on his own souiss bond to you i mean something you might want to consider a motion to withdrawal you are plea so they've got nurse this has been going on joe since july of toilet you know and we we gotta go led the cities that we knew what we end up because nobody watching over this my my my main trucks is w who's watching over wiz inspector general it's twenty million dollars how much how much is spongebob muller making how much is this guy making loans gotta be making a couple of million bucks when does it end who has the power to end what is session even doing what is he i would start firing peeve laugh and ride yeah because one thing he said you know eric holder i liked him at least he was loyal he has no loyalty clear out we cut hold pigs they.

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