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Think he realized because i think he realized she's a stripper she's and a stripper maybe and she maybe was really friendly she during was the really lap friendly dances during the lap and dances obviously and we had obviously a connection we had a so connection now he wants to stop so back now he wants to stop back he gave her he two thousand gave dollars her he two said thousand he dollars launder he said two he thousand launder dollars two thousand dollars he gave her he says he he gave loaned her he her says a he laptop loaned her a laptop and the part and that really the kills part him that really kills is him his is prize dvd his collection prize dvd and collection really the prize and really is his the harry prize potter dvd's is his harry an entire potter dvd's entire collection of harry potter movies collection of harry and potter this movies is what destroyed and him this this is what is the destroyed basis him lawsuit this is the basis lawsuit so he defied so so he decides he defied he so is he going decides to sue he her is going to sue and her he wants all his belongings and he back wants all because his belongings he back said she because didn't love he me said she didn't love me and and i thought she did i thought and everything she did was alone and everything was alone also he gave a bunch of electronics also he gave and her a bunch a credit of electronics card and credit now card naomi didn't now exactly the or know only me didn't exactly or know me didn't exactly clarify didn't exactly clarify whether they officially dated whether or they even officially slept together dated or even suck together but she did say but she did say hey i'm a stripper hey i'm a stripper okay i'm a okay stripper i'm and a stripper if you think i'm going and to if you borrow think i'm two going thousand to borrow dollars two thousand dollars borrow someone's borrow harry someone's potter dvd harry collection potter dvd collection if you think if any you think of that is true any of that give is true me a break give me a break.

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