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The Orange County transportation authority says the last bit of federal money for a streetcar project has been. Secured OCT ACO. Darrell Johnson says construction will start early next year on the project, which is expected to cost more than four hundred million dollars funded with two hundred million dollars from the federal program and twenty five million dollars from the state of California and then the remainder for measuring. So we're still real happy that it's fifty percent local fifty percents state and federal funds. Eight streetcars will make ten stops from Santa Anna to garden grove carrying a potential seven thousand passengers everyday service is expected to start in two thousand twenty one authorities are investigating the Marriott data breach that could have affected as many as a half billion hotel guests Eric guitar. Ski says the New York attorney general's office is looking into whether Marriott followed state law. The law required Marriott to notify the attorney general's office. Once the company discovered it systems had been hacked. The office said Marriott had not done that. The Illinois attorney general's office is also investigating the cyber attack possibly affects people who stayed at Starwood hotels since two thousand fourteen including Saint Regis, Sheridan and the west. Some of the compromised data could include names addresses, passport numbers and even credit card info, President Trump and leaders of Mexico and Canada have signed a new North American Free trade agreement at the g twenty summit in Argentina, Trump says the new NAFTA will be great for all three countries involved. This has been a battle and battle sometimes make great friendships. So it's really terrific the deal still needs to be approved by the legislatures of all three countries. Trump also said he hopes to make a deal with the president of China. Trump also cancelled a meeting with Vladimir Putin, but says he might meet with Saudi Arabian prince, Mohammad bin Salman traffic from the helpful socal Honda traffic center, stall on the one A one in silver lake. This is on the southbound side heads up it's right before Vermont, it's been blocking the left lane. And for looking at overall delays that are stacking up out of a gory coming away from chess borough. Let's check out the drive in Anaheim hills..

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