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There and help out great local fishing family there. Let's go back to the phones. Get a report from Sarasota Area Brington from our good friend, Captain Jeff Page. Jeffrey, How are you? Good morning, men. What's up, buddy? By yourself, you know. Yeah, well about myself today I got meon Mahoney tomorrow so Saturday's solo back with home once One day I Pretty nice out. Yeah, they were calling for it to be a little sketchy this morning, But my wife just head into the office here and said, it's beautiful out so No, that's that's good. Have allowed me to If I have the right people with these have been throwing a lot of talk water plug. And getting a few big snow. A lot of trout. Mackerel. All kinds of stuff in that little small Friday. Been doing really well with surface plugs. I mentioned that little earlier because I saw some of your post thie. The beach if you take your time. You'll find the bear. And the guys that are going out there after him are catching. You know, I saw a guy yesterday like five fish, and there was no other boats around. You know, July and August are always some sneaky months. For that for that particular bike, you know if you're willing to put the time in, but that's the problem is you gotta have a lot of time and a lot of patients because you gotta work to find him a little bit. But when you find him if you could get on him It could be really, really spectacular. You know who used to do that a lot, especially up my way of Longboat Key stretch with Bill Miller and his son, Billy. They were. They wouldn't come out July August. And and they get out there along that beach tight with a bunch of dead Bates on the bottom. And then I got smart guy from your way that really One of those guys that ain't mastery. Yes or no Larry Master is a legendary target fisherman, probably arguably one of the best on the west coast of Florida. We're talking sometimes 45 tarpon on at a time. With you and you'll get out 88 rods at a time. Yeah, Yeah, That's the one. Yeah, Yeah, He's the one he's been against. He's been a guest on this show many, many times and he is really, really, really good, really good. So, yeah, that's the whole that's a whole another. That's a whole nother animal. I want to spend back and talk to you a little bit here about real quick with just for the listeners, so they know When you throw in those top order plugs Jeff, are you Are you go ng? Some with something with a rattle in it? Something super noisy. Where are you going? With a little calmer, quieter bait. It just depends on number one. How hard the wind blowing And number two. We vision in a lot of mullet with we're in a lot of mullet bodies. I think the noisier and even the bigger the plug, the better. We're in a small bay like the little fry bait in the glass, Minos and stuff like that, and the winds are down. I like small and quiet. Just where it makes a little bit of disturbance amongst that small bait. If it's in a lot of money or a lot of wind. The bigger the better and the noise here, the better. All that makes a lot of sense. That's why you're one of the best in the business. Tell everybody how they get ahold of you want to book a church? They can look on the real animals Web page Or they can watch the Florida insider fission report which airs this morning. I believe at 9 30 on Sun Sports. Hey, how about baseball coming back? Ray's lose their opener last night. 6 to 4, But we got more baseball today at 3 10 tomorrow, 1 10 So I'm happy they're back last last night. We had opportunities left a lot of runners on base. But hopefully the bats have come alive today and Even up the serious here, So, Yeah, I'm fired up. Yeah, man is going to happen. That's good stuff. All right, well, tight lines and I'll try and call you in Mahoney tomorrow. Sounds good brother appreciates..

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