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Who were staying at the hotel. The same week that the That elissa lamb went missing and their experience with their water and whatnot. They tell the whole story. So it's it's fascinating. It's not that well rated on. I'm d be. I think it's like in the mid fives or something kind of realizes the directed by the man from Who directed the paradise lost series. Paradise lost both of them. Yeah he's one of the director one of the two director. Joe joe berlinger and this if you like don't fuck with cats. It's got a similar vibe to it. It's not as good. But it's got a similar vibe to don't fuck with cats especially with the amateur sleuths they get involved. So here's the story. This woman she just vanishes disappears right. They they don't know where she went. She was in the hotel seasonal. So god knows because it's literally surrounded by skid. All sorts of things could have happened to this girl so the cops are looking into it. They're trying to figure it out. They get surveillance footage. They look through hundreds of hours of surveillance footage and they finally get some some pretty decent footage of her in the hole in the was famous. Famous footage. She was a radically she acting strangely. That weren't there. She was doing weird movements with our arms. And then the amateur sleuths the cops figure. They needed lead so they. They didn't want to do it. But they begrudgingly released it on youtube or they released it to the outlets to try and get tips. What happened is women and all amateur sleuths came. I agree to this community. And they all started going through it frame by frame much like they did with. Don't fuck with cats and it was it was eerie. It was creepy and gives you chills At the end of the whole thing. Now it's much more based in reality. I'll say and it was kind of where i thought it was going to end up as word ended up. It doesn't leave. Ambiguous like who knows what really happened. Type thing like It's everything's kind of wrapped up and explained and a lot of the time. I i want to be wrapped up and explain but i kind of wish there was more mystery with this one and it's pretty logical by the time everything said and done as to what happened and why it happened but it was very good at The wife and i both enjoyed this quite a bit if i had to stack them together next week other night. Stalker docu series teller russell tiller russell or or this one by joe berlinger. I go with the night stalker. I think night stalker was a little more my my my cup of tea but both are fantastic. I highly recommend both if you're looking for something good to watch that's compound the f. Four percents cents four episodes these ones about fifty four minutes. So for those of you who like the true life craw true true life crime Or have you know significant others that like this. Gets a huge sums up from the wife. Is we both liked though those things. And then finally it's one of and they're releasing them once every sunday on hbo. Max i'm sure you saw excited trailer fort. Well now let's let me just give you a quick heads up. alan view. Farrow is kind of exactly what you don't want to hear and it's ugly and it's awful and it's it's told in a much different style than the michael jackson and interrupted testimony that those two kids gave There's definitely more story. That's being filled out here with imaging. It's it's it's more of a movie than that those were just like almost testimony. It was like testimony. Yeah but it's all of the gross. That just makes you feel yucky and makes you just kinda sad and depressed and like what how. How do these things. How do people become so twisted and sick and yes. It is only one side of the story. And i've only seen one episode but i don't even know if i want to see the next three. I don't know if i want to see the next three. I'm not a giant woody allen fan i like one hundred four or five of his movies so it's not even that's not even the reason it's just i don't know if i need to see ugly personal crimes. I know i completely agree. I haven't seen enough woody allen films to really like be any kind of authority on his career but i know people who fucking love his movies and one of this will do to those people people like that. I was doing that while. I was watching this. I was imagining. Like what. If this was about stanley kubrick or something it would. It would ruin me. It would ruin me a lot of people. Identify as what he allen type semi god. They and i understand living and dying with movies. I mean everyone understands it. It's i get that and To to see the pain and just just the lives destroyed by his selfishness. Which you get the idea from one episode if it is true which you're kind of led to believe that it's absolutely true well watching this. It's a it's a very very upset if they listen to be filmmakers. I know some are listening. If you make a fucking expose like this michael bay we're gonna have to have words and there's going to be an issue. I feel like every time you see a michael bay movie. Spend certainly already all wrapped up for this guy..

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