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Update shipping valuation of an early verdict hi Martin occur the United States will evacuate Americans from the cruise ship it is been quarantine for more than a week in Japan due to the corona virus infections on board Kerry shoemaker were more the US embassy in Tokyo says a chartered flight will arrive on Sunday for those who want to return to the U. S. hundreds of Americans are on the diamond princess once evacuated they'll have to undergo two weeks of additional quarantine at a military base in Texas at least forty Americans have already been taken off the ship after being infected with the virus symptomatic Americans will have to stay in Japan for care I'm Kerry shoemaker your class was the first to report the evacuation plans cover ministrations stepping of immigration enforcement using special tactical units correspondent Linda Kenny these law enforcement tactical units normally enforce immigration laws of the southern border but they are now being sent to cities around the country they will work with local ice agents as part of the trump administration's crackdown on illegal immigration the president has long complained about several states and so called sanctuary cities those that do not participate in immigration enforcement Michael I have an ID will continue spending time behind bars covers but is detestable of says he was found guilty of extortion in federal court in New York the jury found Michael have an Audi guilty on all three counts related to his attempts to extort tens of millions of dollars from Nike he was representing a basketball coach at the time and he threatened to go public about illegal payments made to college students and their families if Nike didn't fork over the money federal authorities have accused the Florida vascular surgeon of bilking the government on health insurance of more than twenty six million dollars to possibly finances political ambitions in his native.

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