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Activists or people who went therefore the protests it's not every one but someone walking down the street talking about pigs in a blanket um and saying other things that seemed violent i have never myself heard diriye call for violence against cops and even if he had in that context i am still not certain that it would be appropriate to have these lawsuits pending against him so i opened the conversation by by sort of signalling my my support for him in that the other thing though um and this is just a bit of a dig so you'll have to come back and defend himself will see um he asserted at some point that had black people showed up at a protest with guns the way that white nationalist did on saturday that they would have been arrested in this couldn't have happened to just wouldn't have happened and i i thought of the panthers and that was a bit more contentious but they did it um and then i thought of ours legislation harboured for its they couldn't come ares right on african come back there but then i thought of the hugh ep newton gunclub which is tasked contemporary thing i believe there was a video done with our front that russell four reason featuring the hugh ep newton gun club which is group black folks who have protests and show up at places with very large intimidating guns and don't end up going to jail afterwards on there there are other examples of it it is argument by anecdote um to to even suggest that this is the thing that can happen so i throw that out there last point on richard spencer um and not because i think it's important to belabor this but because there are.

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