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For me, like thousands of you and now it's been the joy of 2022 following his progress step by step and my God, a he and these laying us live every single human emotion. So much to discuss in this episode of Tyler Adams, rode to the cup, presented by Volkswagen, God bless you VW brands do more for U.S. football and it's a joy to welcome back. The one and only true heat map Jesus. To mister Tyler Adams. Raj, thanks for having me back, man. So let's start with the truly hard hitting questions. The photograph that broke the Internet, you, Tyler Adams, I believe, possibly on Duncan street in a 5 guys. What did you order? And did it scratch the hamburger rich? Double bacon cheeseburger. I felt like the timing was right coming back home after victory. Long awaited victory. I should say, against Liverpool, in Liverpool. Yeah, me and my girlfriend, I told her I was like, tonight's the night that I just need to go out and kind of veg out. It's gonna be the biggest cheat day of the year. Let's get a little taste of home. And yeah, we headed into 5 guys. Well, I don't understand this how in Leeds 5 guys is not cool 5 lads, but was it intentional that you set yourself under a poster which proclaimed and I'm guessing about 5 guys, but it could be about you. The poster said too good to stay in America. I think my girlfriend gets the media set up in that one credit to her for that one. I don't know what she was going for in that. But it was about 5 guys. It was about 5 guys. I did wonder whether you were just like, western McKinney, got all that sweet chipotle money. Oh, hello burger category. Exactly. I needed to open it up the doors to another sponsorship. So hopefully 5 guys comes giving me three 5 guys whenever I want. God bless get on it 5 guys. It's time to dive into the past couple of weeks since we last spoke. And we're going to talk specifically about the last 8 days of football, which as I mentioned, have caused me to have to emergency change my pants a fair few times. But to really appreciate the clashes with Liverpool and Bournemouth, we've got a touch upon the emotional runway that was the lead up. So let's go back and start with the arsenal gate, Tyler, in which Leeds played so bloody well. Truly battled arsenal league leading arsenal hand to hand fist to fist, but left that game were nothing. I mean, arsenal's unbelievable team, the way that they're playing right now, you know, they deserve to be top of the table. So it was a heartbreaking one for us, especially after we look back on that game and we're like, wow, you know, we competed with the league leading team. We dominated in different areas of the game, offensively, defensively, we were sharp. We focused on all the different details of the game. But we just didn't come out with anything. And I think that that was kind of the story of our season so far, leading up to that game was that maybe luck just wasn't going our way when we needed it, or we were performing well, but giving up a late goal or performing well, but just couldn't score the goal. So many different scenarios, but yeah, that was a game that we reflected on and we kind of said to ourselves, it will only take one game in our season to turn this thing around quickly. Quick side bought all it took for arsenal, a team you supported as a kid to change there. They're very being. Was to sign that Turner, change everything. Matt knew not to talk to me after that game. I wasn't happy. We caught up for a second, but I honestly, I didn't really even have anything to say. I mean, I'm super happy for him and obviously some of the opportunities that he's getting in such an amazing team and doing really well developing really well. But after that game, I was like, what do I even what do I even say to you right now? I know we dominated that game, but we just didn't get anything from it. It's like, you can't really say anything. Matt Turner knows you well enough not to look at you in the eye. Post match and there was a different kind of agony. Against two more Americans at Fulham, Tim ream what a king and the truly magical Anthony Robinson, but again for which you set out with a knock. What was that experience like for you? Why is that like for you when you're not able to play in your teams hour of need and you just got to watch like the rest of us from the stand? Yeah, it was a frustrating one because like you said it was more knock than anything. But obviously at the moment that we're at not only in our season, but with things looking a little bit further ahead, you just want to make a smart decision at that moment in time and sitting out for me is one of the hardest things to do. I played through a lot. I'll play through anything, especially to help my team, especially in a moment where it's not like we were winning every game and you're like, oh, let's just take a break. It was more, you know, I want to make an impact. I want to help us get over that hump and yeah, it was frustrating to watch that from the sidelines. I think for the fans, it was obviously difficult as well because that pathway that we were almost sort of continuing for them. But yeah, it was a moment that, again, we needed to go through. We need to figure out what we were doing wrong and figure out how we could solve it. Two and field Liverpool game, and I'm not just saying this. That's a lifelong Everton fan who's cheering for legion United States of America like a bad man, but this might have been top three football match for me. All time, objectively. But for you, Tyler, arriving in scouts azteca and field as a kid who's dreamed of

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