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Repatriation to be approved first the smithsonian went through the process to determine that this set of remains was from people culturally affiliated with the yoghurt commute the people of a y'all gig the museum leaned heavily on the work of alexander salmon her family has lived in agc for generations and she research the area's history for her master's thesis this was a collaborative effort between this missile in and our village but it was are really us telling them that these are hours this is who we are and it's not anthropology coming from the other direction telling you who you are and where you came from after the funeral service the coffins were loaded into a skept this time the remains were accompanied by a different member of this myth cillian the director of the national museum of natural history kirk johnson the smithsonian is known as an institution that collects but giving history back has become part of its duty in recent decades he says that it's been important to work with need of communities on these repatriations some of their grandparents or they're more recent relatives are actually in museums as collections adams which just doesn't make much sense from a human point of view there is something there was very unfair that was done here at a site near casc inec a whole was already dug on the hillside overlooking the cui jack river the feast prayed as the coffins were lowered johnson alongside the yucca commute health to fill the grave and soon only three white crosses in a fresh poll of soil marked it the bones finally laid to rest the village performed a traditional yupik dance facing east with dance fans held high they bless their ancestors in claimed two dozen of their people for npr news i'm avery low in y'all gig alaska the film tejada tells the true story of mary thompson fisher who is considered one of the greatest native american performers and it was produced by the chickasaw nation which started the film production arm to tell its own stories as gramley brewer reports the film tail to begins when mary thompson fisher was a little girl growing up in pre statehood oklahoma before she took the stage name toyota and traveled the world calling tell the stories of native peoples screenwriter jeannie barber recalled that surely after joining the chickasaw nations multimedia department she meant toyota just before her death in 1995 at the age of.

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