Heather Thompson, Pulitzer Prize, Ottawa discussed on Life of the Law - 113: In Studio


Heather thompson's tremendous book blood in the water the attic uprising of 1971 and its legacy recently was awarded the two thousand seventeen pulitzer prize next on life of the law will go inside san quentin state prison for a conversation with men who are living locked up to talk about effective resistance and change behind the walls lu lu stories chairman good roy or bollywood noon agreeing some was like you go to see you book ju to solid willing to die uh you know i think i was world cup dinners and came to my sale in told me did about in ottawa while malcolm off sunday she said you won't be alive sunday because i couldn't even stand up i was i was gone but if it took to get to shoot that so be it that's next on life of the law this episode of life of the law was produced by tony gannon are postproduction editors are cureton jesuits title and rachel came our music was composed by in costs jim bennett was our engineer if you're curious about the law and like binge listening tune into life of the law on i tunes there are more than a hundred amazing episodes about people and the law take a few minutes to post your review like us on facebook and follow us on twitter each time we publish a new episode we send people who've subscribe to our newsletter a behind the scenes looked at life of the law including notes from our reporters and our listeners.

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