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Soto the point to tony yards a big game for the duke of hazzard alam lazard a norm escame for alan lazard enormous game for marcel eight men and masonry enough when when mason off is throwing confidently there may not be a better quarterback in terms of placement elia would would he did later on in the game to thirty eight men in over two guys whatever was incredible justice hill another very good game david montgomery made huge plays an enormous moments and i was it was in this game in position to win or tie this game late with their fourth string quarterback whose name and if you did not see this i swear to you on all pastore his name is zab noland zaza noland why is short for anything i wish trying to like rack my brain zebediah right try to figure out what is it short for kyle camped gets hurt ends up nolan comes in and isn't just okay is it just serviceable he's good he was really good he moves the ball consistently those bad pick but was good saeb noland 7all and that was the game clinching pack which was say a little dubious but i i couldn't argue against it forty nine forty two a good road win for oklahoma state a another competitive match for iowa state they've proven time and time again it might not be the best him out there but they're gonna fight you're for sixty minutes van they did in this one they're doing it with all available personnel all hands on deck this year for mac campbell and what a job he's done stop prefacing tie iowa state is just good west virginia 28 k state twenty three four touchdowns for will greer and get this.

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