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Manufacturer is freaked out around tariffs on automobiles because the price point is so big we all know that it will be extremely disruptive to the industry extremely expensive to the industry. Most likely knocked the economy into some sort of recession because it's very inflationary Bloomberg. By the way is hearing that a deal with Canada. On NAFTA is not likely this week. It's going to be a big day for may twenty damping and for anyone who's into Chinese take on PEOs. She has the e commerce company a climbing and the gray market ahead of their trading debut today. We've got more from Bloomberg's Yvonne man. China's second-largest tech startup is attempting what could be the second-biggest take IPO ever here in Hong Kong Chinese restaurant review and delivery, giant is said to have attracted personal investments from Hong Kong's richest person Li Ka-shing matrons chairman Wong. She is attempting to transform the company into a super light ten cents we chat, and what they have to take care of everything from digital payments to travel booking and bike rentals revenue at the company climbed one hundred sixty one percent last year after more than tripling in two thousand sixteen. In Hong Kong. I'm Yvonne man, Bloomberg daybreak Asia. Amazon is said to be considering opening as many as three thousand Amazon go stores in the next few years. Bloomberg's spencer. Soper calls this huge push for the company. Amazon. Go is really this cashier. Lists store where you can go in and take what you want and leave without having to stand in line or pay. Anybody is the most distinctive all of the things. That's tried. And so now what we're seeing is that they want to really put all of their horsepower behind this. And really expand. The cashier store around the country. Amazon already has several Amazon goes in Seattle and elsewhere, so far they have a small selection of groceries along with salads and sandwiches making it like a seven eleven without the gas or like Bodega if you live in New York City and Paul perish the thought an anchor Lewis radio show. Yeah. In the era of anything is possible. Agent is scrapping. Its one point one billion dollar purchase of most of ecommerce China. Dang dang, the trouble conglomerates as a changed its mind after changes in policy and the market environment agent is been trying to unload assets after coming under government scrutiny for going on a massive overseas. Buying spree and racking up a huge amount of debt to do it. All right. The time is six and a half minutes here past the hour. South Korean president moon. Jae-in says North Korea has agreed to the first step toward denuclearization are extra as global news. In the Bloomberg nine sixty San Francisco newsroom. Ed. Okay, bryan. Yeah. And US secretary of state. Mike Pompeo's responded he wants to engage immediately. President moon says North Korea for the first time as an agreed to dismantle the Don Chang re missile engine test site and launchpad in the presence of international experts. Also, North Korea's agreed to take additional measures such as the permanent dismantling of the young young nuclear facility their corresponding measures. If there are corresponding measures from the US what those measures are has not been disclosed. But US President Donald Trump seems to be happy..

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