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Monday koa newsradio time is one thirty atop mustang a new program and arapahoe counties having a big impact the battle against opioid abuse da george brock says the goal is to identify children living unstable family situations to to drug use they can then direct mental health professionals to help the kids and their parents hope you a crisis is not something that we can arrest our way out of or prosecuted incarcerate our way out of it just not gonna work that way brooklyn is so far the program has been a success the rockies are the hottest team in major league baseball rocks pounded the bar lands at course eleven to three pitcher john gray had twelve strikeouts i felt like i got into a weird spotter you know where that data tastes negatively didn't creep in so we save positive stay on top of the ball and really just drove on the rocks have now won four in a row our next news updates at two o'clock optout mustang on koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm an excellent start to the day in the roads across the maya city this morning i seventy nine twenty five and i two to five looking in magnificent shape running at posted speeds with the major delays or closures off highway in accident to report eastbound lead stale and east alameda lanes open but please do watch out for those crews and remember the colorado renascent festival starts today with gates opening at ten am traffic generally starts to get pretty heavy around the lakes bar exits of i twenty five southbound so please to plan ahead if you're traveling down from denver you'll cbs four weather today sunny day high of eighty six low of fifty four your temperature right now it's sixty three i'm dementia on koa newsradio colorado's news traffic and weather station if you.

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