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Vips i got a couple of recommendations been watching some tv lately well first off i watched alien covenant that was garbage don't watch that yeah it was permits spaceship of the front like a hot pocket awesome sucked saw thirty days of night very good move love that bucket josh hartnett hidden gem where i started like fifteen minutes into it and it ended at like two thirty in the morning but i stayed up and watched the whole thing is i was hooked and is it actor at the beginning the one that wanders into town he was also in lone survivor he was in the mckinney tailor kish was in the lone survivor so i'm just throwing out names right now but it probably was on here ben foster ben foster all guys fucking great actor yeah he's also that movie where he and his brother robin the banks and then jeff bridges is tracked down oh that's a great fuck i should pick that just came out didn't it year ago year ago chris pine chris pine chris pine ben foster jeff bridges and it's pretty much those three in the movie the entire movie yeah i love movies like that with a cast is real small hell or high water hell or high water that's my new pick also will recommend hell on wheels is a series that on here several seasons on there so you can binge it up hell on wheels the western great fucking tv series but yeah was it in hell or high water god damn good movie i can't believe i forgot it even existed until you start talking about the other thing all right those are good recommendations i think were solid there so everybody you we'll give you guys homework the next few days before monday's episode watch evil genius because we'll do pretty thorough breakdown of it for monday's episode because it's like one of the best fucking crime documentaries has come out in a long time disa craziest.

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