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Listen when you're out in the field and you're doing the constant research you find the little nooks and crannies of how to move and groove especially when dick down your throat this is my answer to. You may sound weird but this has also happened to me before. Listen it's our bodies we love to fucking see if anything throwback fuck and fired into space but know what you're gonna do is when you're going to throw what is something that naturally happens when you're deep dethroning you make a huge gag noise unless you have no gag reflex will now. You're faking it. okay now bitch. One thing that's great you don't have got gag reflex. No you fucking do okay. Because it's gonna save you. You're gonna go simultaneously. Take your left or your right hand. Whatever was not on the dick. And you're gonna slide down behind your back and you're going to put pressure on your asshole with your fingers k. And on the counter. Three in your head. You're going to be going a little lower a little lower here we go. You're going on the dick down down down and all of a sudden gag on the dick and you release the far at the same exact time. So it's like he couldn't even focus if there was a loud like huge far because you're gag noise was so intense and that he's definitely going to be focusing on and even honestly so i was just thinking even maybe the farc could help like bring out it will make the gag noise sound even larger than life so it really amplifies the way that you're taking the dick to the back of your throat. There go so daddy. I'm twenty five. And i recently lost my virginity to my first real boyfriend and he was a virgin too but of course lied because i was embarrassed. Sweetie sweetie he now looks at me for guidance in different positions and i have no idea what i'm doing i also don't think i'm good in bed yet. I have a friendship with an older man who i trust. Why and he said he could teach me a few things to help me become more comfortable with my sexuality. I'm sure he would so we are. I'm sure he would. And i'm really insecure so i think i need that literal instruction on how to fuck in order to feel confident in it. I also really want to learn how to please. My boyfriend is cheating worth it if it improves. Both of our sex lives. What guy the generosity. There's an older man who you trust. That's willing to just quickly teach you a couple sex moves just you can go back and have it have a good relation. Have a good sex relationship. Your boyfriend wouldn't nice guy. Sweetie stop looking on craigslist for men to fuck you so you can learn how to have sex. No the answer is no pretend. I'm above you look at your ceiling. Pretend my face golding out you know. That is not only. Is it weird. It's fucking creepy. Whoever this man is you don't trust him. There's no trust there is no love. there's no trust. I would go ahead and say i think if your boyfriend is a virgin or was a virgin before i met you. And you're you're also too. I actually think it could be a really good bonding moment for the two of you to number one. I bet your boyfriend is insecure. That you know more about sexton him and he thinks you're so advanced so you have an opportunity to get closer to him be honest and lower like an even playing field so by you addressing it to him and i think it's actually like a completely normal conversation. I don't think he would be mad. You can almost go into it being like. Hey throughout just like my past. I've felt pressured to act more advanced. Just because i felt like guys were more into that and can i be completely honest. You were the first person i also had sex with. I actually now. That i'm saying that loud. I think that's fucking brilliant. Because i think your boyfriend would literally fall more in love with you. That's hot to me knowing that like you both were each other's first so i think the honesty route is better. I don't think you need to fuck the older man who really trust. Who's going to really teach you how to work. The policies we are that seems like a red flag to me. And i don't know why you trust an older man who's like i will quickly teach you sweetheart he's grooming you. It's we're don't do. I would be honest with your boyfriend daddy. Ivan talking to a guy on hinge and the conversation has burned pretty fun so far. But we've only been talking for a day and he's already asked if i want to go on a date on friday or saturday. Is this a red flag. Does this mean he has no friends. I was under the impression you save first dates for wednesday's or thursday in case they suck and my my the crazy one here. Oh that's actually really an interesting question. Okay my initial thought process is it is a red flag if you go onto his social media and you see little peter packer and he has no pictures with his fucking friends and it's just like his mom his grandma and his dad listen. Don't get me wrong. Love family man however we need the man to house in fucking friends so if on his instagram. It's just like the fish pictures pictures of his new balance sneakers and then like his car. I'm gonna go ahead. I'm going to go ahead and say that weekend. Date is absolutely because usually his weekend. Dates are just like with him. His hand his kleenex. And it's fucking lotion. But if you go on his page and so clear. He has a guide group of friends or like friends in general friends in general. That's actually like a good sign. I almost think.

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