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As you as you said, so again, it's it's it's it's what the film wasn't that activists telling you what what what's happening to be alert and to be wet because you catch those things like butterflies, and there there you go to find them. Oh, yeah. I could see it now because I don't do shot. Let's get you have to find it. It's this. It's an room. And one of the things that I've loved about all your works is your is your comfort with discomfort. So and hunger. I one of my favorite shots like this wide shot of Bobby talk into the priest and you think we're going to go across it room. But we're not we like stay in this wide shot. And then shame when the shots. I love are the Brandon insys wrestling, and it feels like this incestuous it feels like this is a transgression that we've seen before. And of course, at twelve years a slave. There's a lynching scene where this man's towing himself keeping towing himself into life. And so I just wanna know like like as a direct like like, how do you know, like when the shot is over like, how do you have, you know? Well, the first thing hunger with the to show where the priests Bubby sentence of priests as the two shots. There's a two shot of Bobby cents character piper. Michael bender and father father father's last name change it because we need crooked us a real father. But it was Liam Cunningham to the reason why we did like that. I am. Sean Bubby back line that goes, okay? I want these stupid others. I wanted. It was almost like a Connors McEnroe. Wimbledon tennis, final two Irish men wanting the same thing wanting differently. You know, Bobby is a civil ear micro and Connah's being the the baseline looking for the long game. But at the same time reasonably short light. That was because I it's like I grew up with great radio. And I was very fortunate. Grab a great rate at BBC radio four, whatever. So to hear was much interesting. But we because they're still far away you pay more attention to what they were saying, so you lend in more. So that was so interesting for me that you as a as a audio audio and what they because what they were saying was life and death. It was that important, you know, again with the troubles. What happens is you violence happens and become sir extreme, and then you stop a new start talking and off you'll be talking gets exhausted. Then they get violence starting stream. And then you go back to talking again. So it's it's physicality and vocabulary within that show within that kind of idea. The next one was of my goodness gracious. Shame and and the fighting with Michael and the is one of these east. He's talented waste on the couch on the couch and uncomfortable. Yeah. That was right. Well, that was good because that was good. Because that because Carey Carey Carey mulligan, forgot her lines in lines. And then that was a good. How How is is you didn't? he didn't direct to roll with the punch it? But then you've got alliance she Michael rehearsing whatever together line. She didn't know what happened things going on when you're young isn't it, but she's not young anymore. She is she's a lovely lady down. But she's feisty. She's feisty. She's a initiate just rushes. Good actress and Michael's he's talking talking talking, and then Salat that was improvised between the two and then Michael cajoling her and then things happen from then carry came alive, you know, and it's those with that was the one of the best things that I have experienced with actress actors because it was just too great actors sitting on the couch. The cameras. Behind them..

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