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It's a beautiful, beautiful time to be alive days. All know there's all they could fire you, but they can't eat you. Holmes goes to a me to Lamar Hunt Trophy stays here. Yes, The Chiefs are back to back a sec champions. We had five right You're gonna get the biggest cheeseburger. You've ever sleep box with a Fox where Tampa Bay is heading to the Super Bowl, where I was looking at. It was essentially had four time outs with the two minute warning and it didn't work out. I love Aaron Rodgers got to come home to play Super Bowl at our place and not have to get on a plane and Do all the things that disk raise a year that has is doing it would be weird if we would not even feel like Super Bowl won't have all those damn press conferences. Let's strap on the pads and hit somebody, Shall we kids? Mrs. And Mrs. What? In the Was that time to talk football after hours with Amy Lawrence. I'm starting to get excited. I can feel the blood boiling a little more now. I'm really tired. Don't you want to feel sorry for me? I'm good. This always happens during Super Bowl week, But I sometimes wonder in the conversations that we recorded in the afternoon If I said something stupid, So as which is highly likely as I listened back to our conversations, I think, Okay, All right, Okay. I didn't embarrass myself too much, but we We've had some really cool guest this week, and we still have Several more that I'm excited to share with you coming up in 15 minutes here on the show, Nick Hardwick, who has been a guest before. So long time Chargers center made it to the Pro Bowl in his career. But the reason we always enjoy talking to him is he has very pointed comments about quarterbacks, including one Philip Rivers, who is not only his best buddy, but is the guy that he blocked for for years and years. He also played with Drew Brees of both Purdue Anthony ago before Drew moved on to New Orleans. Where did you hear what Nick has to say about Philip Rivers and his decision to retire? So that's coming up in just over 15 minutes here on after hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio, We're live from the Rocket mortgage studios when you need certainty in the home buying process with alone that fits your life. Rocky two can. In addition Jack Youngblood, who I met on radio row in Miami has the Hall of Fame gold jacket, though I don't believe he was wearing it for our conversation. Today, he's working on behalf of the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund with Rudolph Foods, a k a pork rinds. You want to know why I work with the poor grinds people? Well, this conversation with Jack and Mark single 10 of Rudolph Foods will completely explain that that's about an hour from now. Really special guest outside the box, and I love love love when I had the chance to talk to Olympians. Actually, Caldwell is currently in Utah participating in the World Cup for her event, which is aerial skiing. This woman is a bad ass. She's attempting to qualify for her fourth consecutive Olympics to represent the red, white and blue and her stories are awesome. But also I I can't even fathom doing what she does. She started out as a Jim Nist converted that into skiing out a chance to ask her about not just the training process, but the qualifying and what it means to be an Olympian, so actually called well, coming up next hour as well. And then how about this? For those of you who are big into morning radio? Whether it's Dr time whether it's just about the sports talk? Maybe it's a combination of the two but my gold lick..

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