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He carries his legacy behind. Oversized ties avid golfer. I think he falls. And i think he falls into the category of. He's not in shape. But i don't know what he considered. Facts be physical. Yeah he's the healthiest person. The history of hell headed trump. He reentered pilots cruiserweight title. A two oh five. I don't mean to change the subject but crystal missing two letters. I get back to that. You left off at a z. Yes he was the last lily admire. He's actually keep track of you know. I admire the zeal. The finish set. We sat down. What do you do with it. You know bill actually looking looking under this desk. I've been working at a fairly clear picture. Paints the paper is going to me if you need hawks logs from two thousand and four. They're they're all the great topic. The dead bodies are underbellies. Desk guy. i'm gonna go through day to hear position. No books that are there from the ticket studio the original logs where it's like three forty five pm segments. There you go. That's one of them. Lip weight has a date. What data's at two thousand thirteen. I saw two thirteen to october. Two thousand fourteen. Let's just flip to a random day. Well it's all right. This is from april. Say a nice teacher's pet of letters is that it. Yes what does that mean. It's just overused. You don't want it till it's the most popular kid in school but it just it has to be on this list as for apple represents the alphabet so on april the seventh of two thousand fourteen from three twenty eight to three thirty eight. The program had marlins pitcher tom koehler on. Ooh nicknames. to god's came in my salad. I get why he said his hair. He had a head of lettuce from three forty four to three fifty six. Why do i remember. When i want to go through these fixated on brick in yo face. Gorse lose two segments of stephen a smith interview in the four o'clock hour. This could be by the way the mystery.

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