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We're being a bit more considerate of what's happening around is or as womb client said to me when my daughter at six years of age say mom, you need to plan to clear, and I'm having a horticultural disagreement with the with the six year old, you know, you're heading towards the right place. Yeah. I think I we would come to the fact that we need to look at what we're doing in the world, you know, ten years ago took all to land in especially into London. Yeah. We have some pretty heavy floods. Ears. But from that all the councils went hang on. We've got to have Saad sustainable, urban drainage systems, whatever the called, and it will become legal. You know, you have to find a way to make sure that any water that landed on your premises site on your premises. If at all possible. From that the industry has been driven to find solutions. You gets restrain, you know, as one of those solutions is it the right one who knows, but it enabled people aren't myself and other landscape designs, go hang on a minute. Why don't we just let water let rain drains for the surface? There are ways of doing it. And I was ways of being develops and understood better. And now says we're not only can we have an unbound surface. That is permeable we also have bound services which opponent. So we can have hard concrete standing or hard paved standing which allows huge amounts of rain to wash through it straight since the ground. So the environmental issues that we had ten years ago. I think actually made a stink. Well, they have made us think. What can we do to make it better on top of that? Yes. There's a much greater awareness of environmental pressures more seven year old. She's the same. She came home from school last week and said to me daddy. Can we stop using plastic lose? No. But we can try to reduce it. We can't physically stop because so much that we do is based around plastic and to be honest. It's okay. I'm going to be a bit controversial. We sell plastic graphs. We sell competent woods because we have to. But the landscape industry stands up and shouts out so much about we've got to be sustainable. We've got to look at environment. And yet we're actually using more and more mastic in screams. That's a little bit hypocritical. Now, I have to stand here sites. You know? I'm also Ambra hypocritical because I do so some do solid official gross. And we do so compass it would and actually they sell very well. And there's a place for is. But when you walk around a lot of exhibitions and a third of the exhibition is based around plastic products. You have to ask yourself are we actually going into direction here, or is it just an addiction to an easy landscape? That's actually a really tricky question on off to be honest, which it we didn't have a script for this. Because I wouldn't have put this in there..

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