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You're sort of, maybe you're being too passive in certain spots, but you should be more aggressive. And maybe you could look at that area of your game and see if you find correct spots to do stuff like for instance. I'm not sure if this is exactly right. You guys can correct me. It can be a mistake to protection bits with some of the lower pay hands on when you really, really deep stacks. The scenario changes you should rather put your bedding into more hands that can sort of funnel the money in. Because you want to set up for later streets for funding the money whereas when you protection bit too much, you sort of end up in all these low, small pots. You don't really win any big pots, and when you do win a big pot, you haven't quite got the right ranges to put in the spots. So you probably playing too many marginal spots, and that's why you can't beat the rake or other ones, you're not pressing your advantage when you have it. I don't know what stakes you're playing, but if you're playing low stakes, either it doesn't sound like you're bluffing too much and then just like losing from that, you sound like you just as you say you kind of breaking even beating slightly beating. Other than that, that's my two cents. I don't know what you guys can agree with or disagree with on that on that. I mean, it's really impossible to say what I was saying is that seeing this data. It's so many different ways that giving a blanket statement on how we might it's also one of those things where cash games are a little harder to study like Castro's little harder to study than tournaments in that like it's hard to run all the Sims because everything's so deep and takes so much time and resources to run. So solving the deep stacks up is difficult to do on your own and do you agree? Well, I think solving is difficult, but the problem is human beings are so erratic that it solves themselves a lot of times aren't very valuable. Sure, sure. Sort of speculating that speculating on what might be going wrong at I just who knows. There's so many question marks without seeing a database without doing an in depth. Database review yeah. So then I guess the real answer is reach out to Brad for some coaching and post a lot of hands and the cash game room in the Discord chat. Couldn't choose a sort of suggest some areas that he could potentially look at and say these specific spots maybe you're not doing maybe you're not you're not involving yourself in these situations. When you should be. You don't know how to handle this kind of situation. For instance, you guys have studied this game heavily. So what certain spots do you find typically have the highest reward and where you sort of just protect your range? I mean, poker. It's a big deal. It's a big. Such a big game. Yeah. You know, it's like a million page book. We can't read that we need to give feedback on, you know? And I think suggesting just kind of random things. It does really a disservice to the student because, again, there's many areas that you can make mistakes in. There's many things you can do wrong. There's almost infinite ways to lose money playing poker. So you really need data in order to give targeted appropriate feedback. Okay. No data points. So I mean, just giving blanket, kind of advice. I better man. To get more research, look at your own database that those statistics to someone who's better get some input from your Friends, share hands with people who are better than you, get important to send me your frequencies if those don't matter. Stuff like that is going to be better advice than just going to gain state. Because he may be playing certain situations, certain situations for people well. And I don't want to. Especially a guy like Cass has got a lot of, I mean, he's a rag on the MT street. It's got a lot of tournament background. Yeah. And so for him, it's going to be better at the same time and get higher coach. Yeah, okay. And like Brad was saying too. Yeah, but also like that was saying, too, is work on your support group, right? Like using the cash game room in here, finding some other cash game, servers, or people, or groups that you can get in with, and really just rolling up your sleeves and dive in in and looking at spots and figuring it out. I mean, that's the way to go. I get coaching from multiple different coaches. I always switch it up. It just never the quest to improve, it never ends. If one thing isn't working, work harder, do something different. Keep mixing it up. Like the way I kind of love it. Thanks, buddy. Sorry, I had been to cut him off like that. Sorry. Cool. Did you have a question from the thread 6s? Yeah, I think we have another question from member double white. He says, hi, Bret, question one. In some poker coaching dot com material, coaches to just move suggest moving up from one, two to one, three, to two, 5, as soon as you can for various reasons. Usually, one, the skill level is it has big as a jump that you think. And two, the rate is proportionally smaller. Three, if you're a winning player, your overall windward should be bigger, you have these per hour, great intensity. So other material is suggest not being a rush to move up, maybe because the bank roll concerns, question. And then so how hard do you push it? How hard do you push that, Brad? Let's start there. Yeah, I don't want to go on too much because I was thinking about stopping me and giving you a chance to take you into my material and answer one question at the time. So pretty much the question is, some coaches are saying you should move on. The various reasons in one of which is the skill level and the end of it. Can you address those two things? And then we'll get into number three. I agree. You know, there's only one way to exponentially increase your hourly rate, and that's to move up stakes. So basically, I think again, you know, you have to ask yourself what you're playing for. What's the reason? Are you pushing yourself or are you finding your limits to want to move up? Or are you comfortable? Are you having fun playing the stake that you're playing, right? And if you're comfortable and you're having fun, then play that stay. If you want to find your limits and maximize your hourly rate, then moving up is the fastest way to exponentially increase your outlook rate just because you're playing for double the amount of money. So really depends on what your objective is when playing program, but in general, I would say move up when you can afford to. When your bank goal is support them. And what kind of bankroll.

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