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And your Yonli episode. Never forget, a judge has granted teasha Campbell a temporary restraining order against the Wayne. Martin stop him. Allegations of the mastic abuse. I'm I saw I was live one trim off and keep on talking. Now, what is going on? Oh, you know, what let me see if I can if we can dig a little bit more into Iraq quick real fast. But I was like, wait. I didn't see this from the Martin's. I didn't see this coming from the Martins. Well, I heard that there there they were not doing where will so apparently teasha. Okay. And this is according to shave teasha claims that doing began physically emotionally and mentally abusing her back in ninety six not too long after they were married. She says she's chosen to finally speak up about her situation because she could no longer feet live in fear of retaliation, the needs to press criminal charges for his acts overshadows the embarrassment of making his crimes against me public through his through this report. Dear god. This is serious. And I'm okay. So this is now this is just all mean like, you know, my my conspiracy theories and whatnot. So, you know. Remember teasha? So teasha came out, and it's not too long after she was married with saying that Martin was going too far on the sets of Martin member when he was kissing her and stuff Martin Lawrence. So there was a married woman. And he does all of these things he's kissing me, blah, blah, tuck them my throat. Now, I don't nothing ever really seemed to come of that outside of the fact that they started will the biggest thing was that. They started filming Seton separately in the last season. She would not be on set with him. But recently I've seen hosts in pictures of them together like him her in in Sheena. Marin mooring teasha Campbell into she in Arnold. Okay. So I'm wondering how much of that. And then also know them aren't had a drug problem. So he could have like been book wild on the sets. You know what I'm saying? He also dated to she in Arnold. Anyway, I say I'm wondering is messy, right? I'm wondering how much of that was like happening as opposed to may be doing being uncomfortable with? Her scenes with him, or what have you because I feel like made that a I don't know she necessarily made it up it it could probably was happening to a degree because again Martin had a drug problem..

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