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Be honest with the i know it. It like riles people up. And i didn't have making the roster and he's not. I don't think he's necessarily like not going to make the roster. But i think it's certainly something that should be on people's radar thing. Yeah i don't think what no offense. No great great athlete. I think he deserves to be on a roster but all all he does is run very does run extremely fast. That's what he has. He has good sized too. I mean i think he plays her two hundred so he's got to see. Has it helped. The graham statler techniques need still need some polish Niessen polish heating bala tracking abilities still needs some polish again. The only league thing do very well is he can run as it sounds like a special team has sound like a key guy. You're cornerback rotation. So i think he'd really is fighting force. Flatman is not a guaranteed. Unless you're things yeah. So yeah. So i i like that. We are also hearing. Is oliver getting the first chance in the slot. Play a lot better there. Yeah so you know. That's that's cool. avery. Williams and darren hall. I don't you're the one that's watch holiday. You think he's more of an outsider slot guy in the nfl. I think hall was more of a balaji corner hall is is going to be the one that's gonna give sheffield a fight for that russia spot. I think halls gonna make the roster. It'd be now he's you know he's gonna saying like if if sheffield wants to stay on the roster he's gone best that's one guy that he's going to have to be better than and i'm not quite sure he will be to be honest with you. darren hall is the what darren hall has that jeff doesn't show is this stakes are gonna stand out or did he ever harbor interception already at some point otas rookie navy. Maybe that yeah. I think he was the one that did come down with something like his first. The first or second Rookie minicamp so it was like this right there. He's already showing went as better than kenosha. Yeah that's the thing like an indian. Ps defense you just gotta be opportunistic. And like i think. Ship dan quinn. You know. Valued athletes at corner a lot. More and i think we've seen from the two picks the falcons had they went after guys. Who were ball hawks. Some guys that are opportunistic. Because i think the fa- dp and the facts understand like look. We're not going to out talent. He went on defense especially this year. So like we just need to come up with like a turn if we can average like one turnover a game better like that might be enough for our offense like if our offense is what we think it can be and we can run the ball a bit better like we might not need to be a great defense. We just need to create a turnover to shorten the game a little bit and then we could get by with blitzing and kind of covering up in papering over the weaknesses on this defense by being aggressive. And look. we're gonna make mistakes too. But i think that's the best strategy so we said that after the draft we pointed out the fact that what they have in the secondary right now are are a number of guys that are able to capitalize on turnovers because of their ball skills. This is going to be a. We may not see a guy that has the visit sax this year. I'm willing to bet that. But i think we'll ps is going to try to incorporate. Is that aggressive front. Seven and a back in a secondary that is able to make those plays. Because again you're going to see you wanna see some rush throws you're going to see some overthrows piracy's and tip passes. You're gonna see some some quarterbacks that are fluster trying to make a play and on backing unique guys that can turn into receivers with the ball near. And that's what they did with darren hall and enrichment so yeah. Yeah so it's yeah. I think the secondary is kind of coming together a little bit. I mean. I think it's gonna be great. But you know as opposed to where we stood after they cut ricardo allen. And let walk. And let davante as you walk like. It's doron harmon. Richie grant eric harris eight. That's decent three safety group. Like i mean it's not maybe the highest end group in the nfl but it's very versatile. All three of those guys can play in the box poor deep or cover to look so they can move around like the. Mp's likes you know. I think the corner group is not great. I mean we'll have to see how the rookies do. And i do think they make another addition cornerback or a linebacker. Probably the two most likely spots that are maybe edge on defense but like like. Jc jackson would be perfect like that. I think would really take this over the edge. You don't have to force fabian. Moreau to star outside. But i think they'd be moreau's probably better as like your corner three your primary backup and then you. Can you have oliver in the slot or whoever but more rose. I think i think so. Too honestly. like marc mckee's farm jesse jackson. But yeah right is. He's not he's not. You know a special type of talent but you know. He's i think he's gonna be just fine out there he. He played very well at times in washington on edge it was it was the slap where they try and the washington try to make him be a slot corner in s mathis day. And and that's where he that's why he went awry I think a like a monday or manage. Yeah yeah. I liked that a lot better to see. We'll see what darren hall and avery williams. Like i don't know if he's going to get a lot of run on defense this year but i think they're going to see what they have and see if they can trust him to play the slot in the future. Maybe he's a guy that just needs more experience. I think but. I think his freshman and sophomore year. She had eight and nine pass deflections in each year. So he's a guy that can get his hands on. The football size is really his thing. So we'll see if We'll see if he can carve out a role too. But yeah i mean williams's path will be special teams and we haven't heard too much about how that competition between him enroll into going. But i think darren hall. Probably pretty safe kendall sheffield. Is someone who we talked about. Probably going to have to show something in camp. Unless he's banking on them keeping six corners which we know dean pees likes to run a lot of three safety stuff so you know them. Keeping six is not a guarantee they might want to keep five safeties. Tj green guy. A lot of people don't know he did. Green is a good player. Like he's he's a decent. You know extra safety and they still jalen hawkins too so they might want to keep five safeties. I think a lot of that also is going to depend on. And we got. We just got done with this. What is not the result of a. Julio trade is far as clearing that castaways because they get the cap space that they're looking for they're going to have some extra cash to to bring in some free agents all season and you're still a couple of guys at there on on the market as safety that i think you know the team may give a look me cooker is one guy that comes to mind Often injured but you know if he's healthy and he's he's able to incorporate those ball skills as well right. He's going to be a nice pickup for this offense secondary month. Yeah i agree. I agree so all right next. Topic left guard battle. One of the most interesting battles most important battles of training camp so far it looks like josh andrews is leading the competition which is surprising because like we said like twitter. He's a veteran. he's probably going to get the first crack just because of experience but Evan i'll let you get a word in here we just been talking. But what do you think about the left guard battle so far..

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