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Will be very, very interesting to see to see how do you get on in a stronger risk than he's been in thus far. He's been visually very impressive up until the street at Shelton twice this season, particularly with his jumping. Sounds like very much a jumper's track as well. But the question with him, he's got to prove that he can really get home. He hasn't. He didn't have to get up the hill really first time around he wouldn't be one pretty easily. In that novel she has the absorber meeting. But he was a little he was a little disappointing in the finish last time out. You can forgive, you can certainly forgive that he attempted to win his race coming down the hill and did so. The race was in the bid coming to the second last. And then high skill mindful of what had happened to him the previous day at the other November meeting. Steady through term locking into the second last fence and he lost a fair degree of momentum he had coming down the hill. And then he had to be written out to haul on from sebastopol. He was never really the race. But finished off reasonably strongly. There's two ways of looking at that form. You can be really impressed with the way the way he put his rivals to the sword early on the race or you can be just a little bit worried that he didn't finish an offer strongly as he might have. Bearing in mind what he did last year over hurdles, which he tended to travel very strongly interest races and then not really get home frequently trading short and getting beaten, he had wind surgery before the start of the season that I said is officially been very impressive. He looks a natural chaser. But this would be a bigger test for him. He will surely make the race again. He hasn't led. And either of those races at cheltenham, but he's taken over before halfway both times. And then really pressed on. So we interested to see how he's written here. I think it'll always look to see if something for the finish was. But he's.

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