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Ginseng roots about this. This is really for the new things that are being planted in recent years. But that would allow me to segue into something interesting. Fascinating to me is at Yoyo. It blows my mind sometimes I I will meet someone now. who like? Oh Man I love your stuff but that I love your stuff can have such a wide range. Because there's people that are laissez seventeen now who may have heard of the legend all right the one oh six and park but as you just mentioned they may not have watched it in real time right. Some of them don't even know that chapter of some of them might know Laissez in the more ladder days right when I went out to Asia and brought in my horizon out there with the acting stuff in hosting stuff. There's a segment of jinx. They only know me from that. It's like you wrap to at one point. I may have been on my mind like you know about the history. When you know when the smoke laid I was kind of cool that Yo- someone might meet me right now and become quote unquote a fan now and there's nothing wrong with that? Yeah right because you've had a long career. Yes been a road I've been it's been a road and actually just now when I was introducing I was like Oh do you even call yourself because you do you do all sorts of Shit. Yeah I would you describe grab yourself now. I've I've I've stuck with MC Jin for a few years now and I think we were like kind of reposition conversation to like a branding stance. I'm cool with MC. Mc Jen. Because you know I still to date if you were just ask people. What's the first impression of GIN? When you think of him? It would be the hip hop emcee raps out of the euro. We used to watch him bat. All we know he did that. And then later branched into acting and then I think the comedy thing is actually the most infant of all of them right totally. I heard you mentioned earlier at the top where you like. You said you like six years or so into so even less than that I think really took. It seriously was only in the last two three years. And and I've learned that in comedy negative fifteen so when you only been doing comedy for three years. That's negative fifteen you add onto that so that means I still got twelve more years to go before I can even say I'm one fire but I would say to answer your question. The Mc Jin I feel like it kind of be a good umbrella for everything to Fall Zone Acting Jin can be active MC wrapping zinc beat at Comedian Jink. Beat at and and I'm MC se-jin like I guess even just put it like. Do you work on like every day you wake up you work on your bars every day. Do you like jokes everyday. Well do you probably more like a business guy now so much actually man. That's a great question that I need to feel like I need.

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