Brian Ross, Las Vegas, ABC discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir - Full Episode: Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Brian ross with us again tonight thanks brian we turn next here to new developments in the investigation of the massacre in las vegas tonight abc news has learned what the gunman did to hide his tracks on his computer and what if anything to authorities know tonight about his motive now a month later here's abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas dooley tonight abc news has learned exclusively that the hard drive is missing from a laptop computer found in steven panic snipers lear at the mandalay bay hotel some authorities suspect the paddock destroyed were intentionally hit the harddrive to keep law enforcement from information the move told them why he killed fifty eight people and wounded hundreds move he would want to erase his digital history so nobody could ever figure out how and why he did what he did an abc news has also learned that panic brought software to a racist harddrive more evidence of his meticulous planning the fbi in las vegas police continue to interview witnesses run rundown leave from across the country but had been frustrated by the lack of evidence pointing to a motive we have found no signs of ideology or affiliation to any groups and today another disturbing twist steven pennies brother bruce arrested and charged with possessing child pornography in a separate investigation that began well before the las vegas massacre an pierre thomas with us live from washington and pierre almost a month now after this massacre and authorities still have little idea what motivated him.

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