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Would bring to. This football team is when the run game is dominant can you still dominate through. The air and matthew stafford has the ability to do that. Now listen i wanna use them. I want to choose my words properly here with this whole maker situation because a huge fan of his mean a mention the scheme come transition from really zone to gap. I don't wanna say this could be a blessing in disguise. But it's something along those lines. Because i really believe that they need to go back to more of that zone run game. I think they need to keep the quarterback under center and they need to utilize that play action deep ball and chunk passing game off the zone inside and outside game and schefty mentions well. We might not see those names as household names. I've played in this system. A lot of people didn't know throw davis says a household name or arian foster slayton a rahim. Moster or arthur morris but those guys played in that zone schemes and this scheme transcends talent. It makes the player elevators. And that's why. I think that this could force sean. Sit back and go okay. I got a superstar at quarterback. I got good pieces on the outside. Maybe i'll pull back a little bit from that. That gap scheme. Lean into the zone a little bit more. Help our pass game but also be able to just plug in backs and no ino- in that zone game that it's proven so essentially what you're saying. Let's just run a back to twenty eighteen. Because matt stafford would be a great fit for that often not exactly but a lot of things. We saw that. They were so successful with integrate stafford. And now you've got a deep threat with jackson or at with you didn't have last season and suddenly the game opens up to him because he has the personnel executed. It as he initially wanted to. Everybody on twitter has made this point go ahead. Dan real quick field at this point before the call. And i think it's important one as well that those backs because of the lack of the threatened pass game had to run against stack box right an extra defender near the down near the bullet now hopefully flips and that pass game opens defense is up a little bit and those backs there'll henderson specifically are gonna run against less people. Down near the line of scrimmage. That's it also helped the run game and let me just say this. Also feel that the rams offense this robbins once lost todd gurley at the peak of his career sign. Cj anderson off the street and turn cj into a playoff star it. Well the rams will certainly find a way but a tough blow for maker so wish him well in his recovery The steelers have dip their free agency. Recently in a couple of different occasions most notably over the past day they added. Melvin ingram charters edge orchards. One year deal. He battled injuries. Last season. didn't have a single sack but he's healthier now hopefully provide some depth alongside amongst others all pro tj. what so. The steelers lost several key to vendors from their twenty twenty roster including four first round. Pick bud depre- in verses defensive back mike hilton who went to the division rival bengals linebacker avery williamson and cornerback steven nelson as of right now. Both remain unsigned Unsigned meaning what are your thoughts on. The addition of melvin ingram joining trae turner as former bolts. Were now steelers. Okay a great for both him and the team. I think it's a perfect fit. And you said the word which is depth ingram doesn't have to come in and be the guy not only. Does he get to play with what but also gets to play with hayward who it is smith. He can be used situationally if he's healthy. He's still got a lot to offer this steelers front seven. That was already dangerous. To begin with the big point is understanding. He's not playing sixty snaps. a game. like melvin. Ingram has twenty five caps twenty snaps again. Situational pass routes a guy opposite teaching. Because here's the thing he's still good enough to make it offense think okay. Do we want a single him up potentially tied into our back and pay attention to tj. What and if not. Then that's a better opportunity for tj. I think it's a really good signing. Because they're not going to ask him to be twenty sixteen ingram just be good. Situational pass rusher. Oh the steelers open to find some late free agency value as they have done at times in the past so coming up here on. Nfl live we still kinda lot. Let see star wide receiver. One of them is confident. His quarterback will stick around for the foreseeable future find out which analysts thinks. The most talented team seattle's had a long longtime math. Says when to great things come together. They make something he greater. For instance one plus one is too simple right. How about this trunk. Plus hotdog equals tailgate. Were turf plus dancefloor. He was in zone. And when you add friends plus football eagles. Espn fantasy football. It's as simple as that. Espn fantasy football with insights provided by ibm watson sign up now at espn dot com slash. Fantasy football here's our next. Ufc fight saturday from the apex. And las vegas with another stacks card former champ today. Dillashaw makes his return to the octagon against second ranked corey san hagan. The bantamweight made event freelance eastern pacific. On espn espn two foretaste and espn plus followed by the main car at seven eastern four pacific. These cards always deliver. Never back off season and russell. Wilson's future in seattle looked uncertain. His asia shared of list to chef. The of the four teams quarterback would approve a trade. Notre ever came to pass wilson at least appears happier now with a season drawing near one player. Who is thrilled to have russell wilson. Back tower recently got paid. Yeah i expect to be here for the foreseeable future. I'm obviously a lot of stuff that went on during the off season. And then i think you an off season. A lot of tv shows role. Nobody really has a lot to talk about so they trying to find things to be able to talk about. I think that definitely wants to be here with this. And so We're not really too concerned with a lot of stuff that you understand the aspect of business what everything is like especially in the nfl so the seahawks tapped into their own division by hiring. Shane waldron either new offensive coordinator. How can his scheme help. Russell wilson to succeed this year. I tyler and like to say we have a lot to talk about in the season like today. Talk about making direct to me straight to my heart. Cyber offense as you said under waldron can evolve because a big part of the reason. Why russell wilson reportedly unhappy with some of the issues with that offense down the second half of last season and a lot.

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