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Not take them back so returns could sit for a long time before they might be resold. The other reason is that so much of the stuff that we buy online is sent back as much as half of all clothing, shoes, outerwear and other apparel that is bought from Amazon and other Erie Taylor's ends up getting returned. This is NPR news from Washington, and this is WNYC in New York. It's five thirty two. Good morning. I'm David I mostly sunny skies today, a high in the low forties. I steady temperature through the day. It's forty degrees right now in central park. The partial federal shutdown is now in its sixth day. And as WNYC's Beth Fertig reports, it means there's a lot of confusion about what's open, and what's not at the Jacob Javits federal building in lower Manhattan immigrants can apply for visas and check in with law enforcement, but the immigration courts are close. Caused attorney Christian bonanza didn't know that he's planning to represent a Honduran family for free and their asylum case, but because he normally works in financial restructuring he needs to register as an attorney with the immigration court. Essential workers start to show up. So I didn't think anything would interfere with the courts, he says his case is scheduled to go to court on January fifteenth, and he hopes the shutdown ends before then New York City officials are trying to find out what happened to a sixteen year old queens boy who suddenly died during basketball practice. The NYPD says officers responded to a nine one one call to John bound highschool yesterday around noon and found Lenny Pierre unconscious and unresponsive he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. In a statement, mayor de Blasio said he was heartbroken to learn of peers death. The medical examiner has not yet determined the cause a New York Times investigation has found that President Trump may have gotten a false bone spur diagnosis from one of his father's tenants in order to avoid military service during the Vietnam war for decades a podiatrist named Larry Bronstein rented office space in Jamaica queens from Fred Trump reporter Steve eater says for fifty years Bronstein told stories about arranging the diagnose. Noses in exchange for future help from his landlord doesn't match the the historical account that we've had and it builds on it and was soon. A family or something that that? I'm Dr Boston talked about over the years as a favor that he had done for the Trump Bronstein died in two thousand seven Trump has credited the diagnosis and having a high draft number four getting out.

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