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Yeah nobody knew as much as i did and now now here's something i had heard about years ago costs i did two of super bowl and a few voiceovers misuse peak click so he supported the extended superman universe richard so ill yes so kin he has allowed to say that on no a law a law on the books named after him that's true actual could yeah the sole kind close it's gold it's it's a g screen actors guild you have to declare how many pictures you're making when you irony buddy that because in their case they had done the four muskateers oh yeah and and they so much extra footage when it was done that they decided to put together another picture from it and didn't want to pay the actors for the second movie that was my dear friend richard lester how yes who never called me since he took over superman anyway but the that was this all gone close this is the stories the superman stories in the book on the dvd commentary on on your cut on the richard donner cut which is again i'm going to blow smoke up your toys but better than the original superman to i i don't think it's debatable but those stories and i always telling gilbert i mean everything richard that whole journey from you getting the phone call where you're sitting on the john the the the initial phone call from from sal kind.

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