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Cities where the intense heat is taxing the power grid. Almost Carlene Johnson reports. Mark Peterson is a meteorologist at chaos Hawaiian Spokane and cautions against people working outside or even exercising going to be 111 again. That is going to be extremely hot. So we want you to be careful. It's too hot to be open for several businesses. Jason Morel shut down his You pick Strawberry Farm today, even though it's prime picking time. I'm dealing with Mother nature and the strawberries are ready now, and she doesn't care what the temperature is. You know, we've got to pick them. Now. The Bonneville Power Administration is working with Tri Cities electric companies this week. To prepare for the possibility of rolling power outages as extreme heat puts too much stress on its transmission system. If BP does require that customers could see outages of 30 minutes to up to four hours at a time, according to the Tri City Herald, Carlene Johnson Co. Mo News as the state prepares to lift most covid restrictions, Washington's third largest county, says its mass vaccination program is winding down. We have more on this now from Cuomo's Corwin Headache, Snohomish County's big drive up clinics have been a success. Roughly 37% of those vaccinated Countywide got their shots at one of these clinics. Now, even though officials continue to push for more people to get jabbed. Slowing demand means two of the county's three remaining big sites will close this week. Arlington Airport and Evergreen State Fairgrounds location in Monroe will both be demobilized. Jason Berman is the county's emergency management director. He says vaccines will still be administered at the Linwood Ash Way park and ride and increasingly in more localized Clinics. The vaccine task force is now provided more than 30 community based clinics just in the month of.

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