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Very vigorous appeals process. I've got a great legal team and there'll be multiple areas of appeal. Bannon has been allowed to remain free pending appeal. President Biden's drumming up support for his plan to forgive hundreds of millions of dollars in student loan debt moments to go he delivered a speech at Delaware state university. Our student loan plan lowers costs for Americans as every cover from the pandemic to give everybody a little more breathing room. The Biden administration's plan faces legal challenges from several GOP led states acclaim the president overstepped his authority on a plan that they have described as a government giveaway at the expense of taxpayers who did not go to college. Italy's new government will be the first headed by a woman and the most right wing administration since World War II, and be our Sylvia pajo reports the new coalition will face huge economic and international challenges, as well as internal friction. 45 year old Georgia meloni heads brothers of Italy, the hard right party, with roots in the ashes of fascism, which won the most votes in the recent election. She'll govern with the hard right anti immigrant league party and go Italy the party of former prime minister and media tycoon sylvio Berlusconi, rising inflation and backing Ukraine will top the agenda. But middle school need triggered international condemnation for leaked remarks blaming Ukraine for the war and waxing poetic about his close friend, Russian president Vladimir Putin. Meloni insists the government will be firmly pro NATO and pro European Union. She'll present her program next week to parliament for votes of confidence, so people Jolie, NPR news, Rome. Its NPR news. From W ABE news in Atlanta, good afternoon, I'm Martha Dalton. It's four O four. Wages in Atlanta are not increasing as much as they were at the beginning of the year. That's according to the U.S. bureau of labor statistics. The Atlanta business chronicles crystal edmondson has more. Earlier this year in February, Atlanta wages increased 6 and a half percent compared to the same time last year. Fast forward to the end of summer and wage growth was just one and a half percent. In recent months, companies have grown more cautious, government statistics show at nearly 12% inflation in metro Atlanta is higher than the national average. And the possibility of a recession next year has some businesses backing away from higher pay despite the still competitive job market. Well, not every city is seeing the same results, Augusta ranked in the top ten for wage growth posting a 7% increase from last year. From the Atlanta business chronicle, I'm crystal edmondson for WAB. News. And Georgia voters seem to be embracing the state's political battleground status, Gabriel Sterling with the Secretary of State's office, says the numbers have been higher than previous election years. It's gone past our initial expectations. We knew it would be high. And we knew it would be 18. We did not expect it to be rivaling 20. Starling says the majority of ballots cast so far are from people who usually vote early, but about 15% have come from people who usually vote on election day and another 15% are new voters. This is WAB news

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