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Even though she had offered to meet with an investigator last night. Miss New York NIA Amani Franklin became the new Miss America, spare the treadmill? According to a new poll American workers, would rather let the sunshine in correspondent, Michelle Franzen has more forget the perks like foosball on cafeterias even medical care. The number one must have for American workers when it comes to office, extras, natural light and views of the outside world. Yep. That's right. Turns out the majority of workers surveyed in the future workplace studies. They need good old fashioned sunshine to brighten their mood, promote engagement and productivity. The glare from computers says the opposite effect Seventy-three percent agree the longer they used their gadgets. The more they long to take a walk. Glance outside wins. News time eight fifty four a day after less Simone does was ousted as CEO chairman of CBS after new allegations of sexual assault and harassment surfaced his wife. Julie Chen did not appear on the season premiere of the talk show host. Sharon osborne. Made the announcement. I've never been nervous in my life. But I'm kind of very nervous right now. As you all know, Julie's husband is in the news. And she's taking off time to be with her family earlier this summer Chen, briefly addressed the views audience saying she fully supported her husband wins. News time, eight fifty five. Now, Bloomberg money watch. Here's Jeff Bellinger is a mixed close on Wall Street, the Dow and the NASDAQ both making quarter percentage point moves the Dow to the downside, the NASDAQ to the upside the S and P five hundred rose two tenths percent. Walmart is putting some serious money behind its efforts to recruit and retain truck drivers the giant retailer operates. One.

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